Sunday, September 26, 2004

This weather shit is lame....

Bring on those debates! Remember, this Thursday at 9PM is the first of three debates! Kick his gramatically-challenged ass, Kerry! Like you did with Wald in 1996!

Kerry Edwards

Enough with the fucking hurricanes, Mother Nature! Look, let's get on with autumn and put this crazy crap behind us! The first official day of autumn was this week! So let's stop it! I just hope this Tropical Storm Jeanne doesn't harm us in any way.

This isn't funny at all.

I bought The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book): A Democracy Guide To Inaction. It's very funny. Go seek it out. I also picked up a horror anthology paperback, From The Borderlands. It features a short story by Stephen King called Stationary Bike.

Green Day Presents American Idiot

Green Day's new anthemic album, American Idiot, is epic, bold, and uncategorical in every way, shape, and form. From the brash sneer of "Jesus Of Suburbia" to the timely and politically charged "Holiday", it's smart, brilliantly conceived rock in its purest and best form. And it'll make for one hell of a movie, some day. It's a concept album, you see. When Billie Joe Armstrong says, "I beg to dream and differ/From the hollow lies/This is the dawning of the rest of our lives/On Holiday", you know you're dealing with loftier subjects than homeroom crushes and it makes those lesser-rans who followed in Green Day's path (blink-182, Good Charlotte) seem like the faux mouth imitators they are. American Idiot is a good job all around from the boys, excuse me, men from Berekeley.

I fucked up at work the other day while pricing some movies and got written up. My mistake pissed me off to no end, and it still does. I need to clear my head and pay closer attention to what I'm doing. Everytime I think I'm improving, I fuck up again. It's appalling and I know I can do better and I will. I must. I enjoy my job and I want to do my very best at all times and these incidents in the past have made me realize to focus on every endeavor I undertake. you hear that? It's the Firefly DVD set begging me to finish it. I know I need to, but then I fear I'll get all sad after I've viewed the supplements and heard the commentaries. At least until the movie version, Serenity, hits theatres next April.

Also waiting for me on TiVo is the Smallville season premiere, the Veronica Mars series premiere, the Joan of Arcadia season premiere, and the first two episodes of Jack & Bobby. This adds to the long-in-need-of-viewing USA miniseries The 4400 and Traffic The Miniseries. I finally deleted Wonderfalls. CBS's Clubhouse debuts tonight and it looks to be just the thing for those of us who are saacharin-deprived.

For such a movie geek, my lame-ass spends far too much time on here and not enough watch the criminally insane amount of movies I've amassed. It's tre uncool. Silly Jason, go watch them sometime! That's what they're there for. I'm weird like that. Le sigh.

Remember, this October...

Also, for a creepy unofficial website for the upcoming horror movie Saw (it positions itself as the killer's website, with a message board frequented by The Jigsaw Killer of the movie, who posts in cryptic talk) -

So Nader the egocentric will be on Florida's ballot now that Jeb "Haven't Met An Election I Didn't Help Fix" Bush overstepped his boundaries. Our good old ally in the trenches, Daily Kos, has put this whole Nader thing into perspective at

I'm a little behind but the season finale of Entourage was well-written and hilarious. The Scarlett Johansson cameo at the end was priceless. I can't wait for this series to return and urge you to watch it if you haven't. Hopefully a DVD release isn't that far off.

I need to catch up with Dead Like Me on OnDemand and will shortly.

Air America will be landing in San Francisco this week, with new stations slated in the coming weeks.

Well, after stunting with bizarre animal, human, and electronic noises, Cumulus's lame-duck Urban Adult Contemporary V103.9 - Savannah's Soul and Inspiration Station! flipped on Friday to Oldies as Cool 103.9 - Good Times & Great Oldies! Yawn. Triad's heritage Oldies station, Oldies 98.3, does gangbusters, so I don't see Cumulus's reasoning. However, their morning guy, Hoyle Dempsey, is apparently a radio legend. He worked at the legendary Top 40 WAPE in Jacksonville (The Big Ape) for over 30 years. So it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. No website for Cool 103.9 just yet.

Remember for all of the corrections to the conservative misinformation out there, head over to

Bill O'Reilly will have the Liar on (Bush, I mean) this week. He'll probably be conducting the interview from his lap, with sweet nuzzling and cooing throughout.

And here's hoping Shaun Of The Dead opens here this weekend.

USA Network has their 21st-century retelling of Frankenstein coming up on October 10th. It was written by Dean Koontz and paints Frankenstein as the monster. I'll be watching because Parker Posey is the lead actress.

Meanwhile Hallmark Channel has their own Frankenstein set to debut October 5th. The wonderful Julie Delpy is in this one, albeit as Dr. Frankenstein's mother.

I'm going to tout Matt Caracappa's site X-Entertainment again. I did it earlier on on this blog, but now it's all loaded with a seasonal Halloween layout. It's your one-stop shop for '80s kitsch, cheesy movie reviews, candy reviews, lame board games from 1983 reviews, and alot more. Right now he's doing his annual daily Halloween-themed food item/Halloween prop/Halloween-theme movie review. There may be a new article in there as well. All of this and more can be found (as well as hours upon hours spent) at

Well, I've got to go clean up the kitchen (maybe that was the dishwasher calling me after all). Hopefully our power will stay on throughout this whole Tropical Storm Jeanne ordeal and I'll blog later. I'll try not to wait a week again. Have a good one!


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