Saturday, July 30, 2005

The *NEW* U.S. "Serenity" trailer!!!...

The *NEW* Serenity Trailer!

Now, THAT is a trailer! In my opinion, this will resonate much more soundly with the uninitated masses and perhaps with Firefly reairing on SCI FI Fridays at 7PM Eastern (where this trailer debuted last night), the Browncoats will grow even larger. I can't wait to see this in theaters and I'm going to assume that this brilliant new trailer will first hit theater screens on August 12th, when Universal Pictures' Kate Hudson-starrer The Skeleton Key is released. If so, I'll be seeing that film.

Also, Universal has relaunched the official website. That's located at

I watched Eraserhead last night, falling in and out of slumber. It's just as well as the movie was truly bizarre and unique, although not as strange as I'd imagined, oddly enough. Another viewing may be in my future, perhaps.

I have to do a full store inventory with the manager and a co-worker, Andrew, tonight from 11PM to 5AM. Hopefully we'll have fun. We usually do. And then Denny's might be in the cards afterwards. Bring on those skillets!

It took me a while but I can safely say that Six Feet Under is worth its salt. I'm halfway through the first season and so far so good. It's witty, somber, funny, well-written, and has a layer of depth and character development that you don't see that often in the world of television.

Mmm...brunch. Sounds lovely. Think I'll have some in a moment.

SCI FI debuts Bloodsuckers tonight. Anything underneath their "SCI FI Pictures" banner that airs on Saturday nights is usually horrible, but I'm a sucker (no pun intended) for all things vampire, so I'll TiVo it.

Also, Bill Maher's I'm Swiss, his new hour-and-a-half HBO comedy special debuts at 10PM tonight.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The official "Serenity" one-sheet!

Universal officially debuted the new poster on the Browncoats board at

Mega shiny, huh? I simply cannot wait for the new trailer tomorrow. Methinks I should rewatch the entire series again as I've not viewed it in quite some time. Nathan Fillion also posted at the official Browncoats board that a certain comic book store in Edmonton is "selling" the Serenity comics at a marked-up rate of $20 an issue! The guy there was beyond belief. Read the post. What an ass.

Tacos were dinner and they were delicious.

When I went to high school, between wishing John Lennon had never been shot (hardcore Beatles freak I was) and wanting to not be there, I enjoyed one thing. Although high school cafeteria food is not catered by Wolfgang Puck, one thing stood out. The oddly named chicken fryz. Now Burger King has stepped up to the plate and is offering the properly named chicken fries. They are delicious and I only hope BK's are as awesome as the ones I dined upon years ago. BK has launched a website to tie-in with their chicken fries ad campaign. It's at

I brought home the first season of Six Feet Under and Terry Gilliam's Brazil from work. I'll eventually watch them. Hopefully. Alright I'll try.

femme fatale of the week is over. Sorry. I may replace it with The Overlooked Gem, focusing on movies that may have slipped under the radar over the years.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the stars are bright...

Wow. Do not watch Cursed. And "UNRATED" means fuck all when describing DVDs, as we all know. I knew it had tons of production problems but a seventh grader could have made a better movie. Poor Christina Ricci for having to slog through that offal. Hopefully she was able to at least buy a Persian rug from that paycheck.

I will post a review of The Crow: Wicked Prayer this weekend. It was excellent, bringing a Native American spin on the franchise. It's loosely based on the Norman Partridge graphic novel of the same name. Edward Furlong did a damned good job in the title role and it's always a treat to see David Boreanaz on screen.

Look, if other blogs can be taken over with an obsessive madness for all things Harry Potter, then this one can be the same way for the Firefly movie, Serenity. Best Buy has a ported version of the UK DVD release of Season One of SCI FI's Battlestar Galactica. It's only available until September 20th when other retailers will get to sell a more extras-heavy version of Season One. But the Best Buy-exclusive release has a behind-the-scenes Serenity DVD bundled with it! Decisions, decisions...

A brand new Serenity trailer will debut during SCI FI's airing of Firefly this Friday beginning at 6PM. Said trailer will debut in theatres in August.

Are you ready for current? Al Gore's new human interest/news you can use channel geared towards the lucrative 18-35 demo launches on the corpse of the channel that formerly housed NewsWorld International. current launches in 20 million homes on August 1st.

TV Guide's going to revamp into something resembling Entertainment Weekly as of October 11th. Those blue-hairs who subscribe will surely drop it, thus ensuring this legend of the printed press will go belly-up before too long. It's a shame. But hell, what do I know? It could revitalize it.

NBC Universal is eyeing purchasing DreamWorks SKG. After they spun off their animation department, then Shrek 2 was oversold to shareholders, and now with The Island tanking in a huge way, it'll be interesting to see what happens.

Alright's fun story from work time! This guy calls up and prefaces his comments by saying how I probably won't care because I get paid hourly. I should have then followed up with, "And what am I eating for lunch, since you seem to know everything about me?"

So the man then tells me that there hasn't been that many good movies this year. I agree and tell him outside of Crash and Batman Begins, the year has been pretty uneventful. He then says that he recently had back surgery and he needs me to print out a list of our store inventory (!) so that he can check off what he wants to rent and then have his wife pick it up for him!

I explain quite cogently that this is not possible at all. He says, "No, no, it is! I'll tell you why! I've owned my own business for 15 years and you can do it! You want to know what that's called? It's called an 'inventory report'. Otherwise you'd have no accountability for your stuff!" I again explain that I cannot do this. So I listen to this guy yammer on for eons and then hand him off to the manager. She reiterates my claims and the guy went on and on. He even wanted her to fax him the titles of this week's new releases. She said, "I can tell you them."

People, use your brains! Jeez!

At the above address you'll find the international trailer for Serenity, plus several tracks from the film, composed by David Newman who is awesome. Those tunes sound shiny, to quote vernacular from the 'Verse and it'll be great to hear them in the film. Mr. Newman also composed the kick-ass score for Galaxy Quest.

Monday, July 18, 2005

two of them...

Two femme fatales this to make up for last week and one for this week....

the first...

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite at Wikipedia

Mmm...Canadian girls...I need to get me one of them.

The next femme fatale will be posted Friday.

I just finished watching the British psychological thriller Trauma starring Colin Firth. It's a head trip to say the least but it's far too pretentious for its own good. And I loved the director's last film, My Little Eye.

Eraserhead...the review is forthcoming.

There will be a new international trailer for Serenity that debuts online this Wednesday, if all things go well. **crossing fingers**.

As I got my paycheck today, I plan to seek out the first of the three-part Serenity comic book series this week.

I need to watch The Crow: Wicked Prayer. Hopefully we'll get it at work soon. Yes, it streets tomorrow but we don't have it. Yes, I'm aware our buyer sucks.

Well, the eyelids are drooping. Going to go relax, catch some TiVo, you know the drill...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The new "Serenity" movie poster...

Shiny, ain't it? I very much doubt that this is the final poster but as a teaser, I like it. Now if we can get a more non-Browncoat style trailer and an ad campaign that doesn't alienate the uninitated, I'm happy. BTW, this was revealed at the San Diego Comic Con, that annual mecca of all things cool.

And SCI FI has finally created their own page for Firefly, which debuts this Friday at 7PM and will air at that weekly timeslot. Very nice job, SCI FI. Now if we can get new episodes after the movie, I'll be ecstatic. Universal has the rights to Firefly now, of course.

I hope that we'll get video from the Serenity/Slither panel at Comic Con. I'm very anxious. I also need to get part one of the new 3-part Serenity comic book series. It ties the series with the movie. Alas, paychecks were late this week so I'm not getting paid until Monday. It was the fault of the company that cuts our checks. Methinks we need a new company to do this if they can't get their ass in gear.

But I digress.

Firefly at SCIFI.COM

It's Frito Pie time. Back with more later, including this week's Friday Femme Fatale.

i wish i was in san diego...

Ah, Comic Con. How I wish I could attend you.

The Offical Website Of The San Diego Comic Con

Every year the denziens of our nation (and other countries) converge on that California city to engage in general geekdom. ANYTHING you can think of is there? Love obscure anime from the '70s? Check. Want to see panels and presentations for upcoming films like V For Vendetta, Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride, Superman Returns, or the Firefly feature film Serenity? That's going on, complete with cast and crew present. Love shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or Battlestar Galactica? They've got you covered. Fan of comic books? You don't even want to ask. Other attendees include Kevin Smith, Ray Bradbury, the list is endless. Salivating yet? I thought so. Not to mention the bags and bags of free goodies these studios ply you with. One day I'm going. The panel for Serenity and Universal Pictures upcoming horror movie Slither (featuring Nathan Fillion in the lead role) should be almost about to wrap up now. *sigh* Someday, but you know the drill.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Marguerite Moreau is being replaced on FOX's Killer Instinct by Kristin Lehman. So that show went down several pegs in my anticipated fall series list.

I have an outstanding medical bill to pay. I am stretched to the point of zero elasticity in regards to money so I will try, on Friday, to set up some sort of monthly payment to avoid being pursued any further. Hopefully the parties involved will be gracious.


From Netflix, I have received director David Lynch's seminal 1977 film Eraserhead. I have heard many numerous things, from it being a surreal, deeply disturbing oppressive nightmare to it just being boring and uneventful, and I simply cannot wait to devour it. I have been waiting with baited breath for many years to view this movie and was not about to spend $50 at in order to do so. Luckily, David Lynch has opted to release the film on DVD through proper channels now. So I will most certainly post a review. Look for that sometime this weekend. I plan to post like a mother this weekend. Some movie reviews, other musings, things I'll all add up, trust me.

Daily Kos is all over Karl "I Should Be In Jail" Rove's leaking of Valerie Plame, Scott McLellan's big tap-dancing/roasting alive by the press corps at The White House yesterday, and various other sundry items in relation. There's also a great article over there about how the RNC is now trying to spin this. Alot of great reading awaits you.

Well, Battlestar Galactica has its second season debut this Friday night at 10PM. It's the only thing I watch on SCI FI. I still have the two-part season one finale to watch.

And over at the new music video for Nine Inch Nails next single "Only" is now online. It was directed by David Fincher and is very subtle yet very creative.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

my thoughts and prayers to the UK...

I sincerely hope all of you across the pond are okay. Today's bombings are horribly tragic and devastating. As Kos of The Daily Kos said so eloquently, today we are all British.

black market wit's femme fatale of the week...


Marguerite's IMDb page

Marguerite at Wikipedia

She has been on my radar for several years now. I first noticed her in 2001's brilliant comedy Wet Hot American Summer. I then enjoyed her work in Queen Of The Damned and the SCI FI Channel original miniseries Firestarter Rekindled. She was also in Runaway Jury. Most recently she played the lead role in the romantic comedy Easy which I thoroughly enjoyed. Seek it out. I look forward to her work on FOX's Killer Instinct this fall, although its original title Deviant Behavior was much better. She's dyed her hair jet black for the role. I mention this for no reason...nope, it's not because I love black hair on a girl.

Marguerite Moreau is, in my eyes, the one actress in Hollywood who could believably be the girl next door. Check out her resume and her work. You won't be disappointed. She's a goddess and oh so talented. Hopefully The Gate will finally prove to be her breakthrough...that is if FOX doesn't sneeze after three weeks and cancel it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

clothespins and innocents...

Well, well, are you? I am fine. I worked yesterday. Ah, delicious time and a half. How I love you.

Batman Begins - four stars no doubt
War of the Worlds - two and a half stars

Spielberg needs to stop tying all of his movies up with potpourri and a bow. I have no qualms with the ending (it's the same as the novel's) but Spielberg can *NEVER* follow anything through to its natural conclusion.

I've fallen in love with Monk. Tony Shaloub is hysterical and brilliant in the title role. I don't know why I haven't been watching but I'm currently renting the first season and plan to play catch-up.

Tonight a new episode of Stella premieres. MTV offers up MTV's The '70s House. Can today's teenagers survive in a house with only three television channels, a rotary phone, polyester clothes, and songs from the era? I hope that they have a few of the brain dead morons that I deal with in the house. It'll be interesting to see them have a meltdown when they realize that they can't use a cell phone.

Well, The Inside is dead. Head on over to for all of the gory details. FOX can never let a good thing last, now can they? It's a shame too as I've really been enjoying the show.

I am seriously amped up for the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica. I still have last season's two-part season finale to watch and then I'll be all caught up. Remember it's for all of your Battlestar Galactica needs.

Hopefully Firefly will kick ratings ass on SCI FI when it re-debuts on July 22nd and they'll push up the release date for Serenity. The first of the three-part comic book series tie-in releases a week from tomorrow. Darn my broke ass!

Karl Rove, You Have The Right To Remain Silent. I'd LOVE to hear those words. Remember, Scott McLellan said that the leaker of Valerie Plame's name should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Well, let's slap those cuffs on Rove and let him rot in prison, okay Scotty? I know it's tough in front of those hot lights and cameras but at least you'll have your cuddle bunny Jeff Gannon to go home to, right?

femme fatale of the week...

The Name & Face Of Beauty, Creativity, and Intelligence

The Very Definition Of Awesome

Janeane Garofalo at Wikipedia

Ever since I first started watching her stand-up in the mid '90s, Janeane Garofalo has personified an excellent mixture of comedy and politics into a wonderful and vast career. She is currently the co-host of The Majority Report on Air America Radio and was recently the star of Oxygen's original movie Nadine In Date Land. It was a cable movie that was good! Which never happens. I love her wit, her acerbic nature and any neuroses she may think she has. Janeane Garofalo is a class act and one of the best comedians of the past decade.