Friday, December 31, 2004

in place of one goes another....

Sorry for the late update but I've been mad busy. Christmas was fun. I received a very nice bedding set and a flat-screen TV. However, said television has grey streaks running through its image. So I'll be taking it back for an exchange or to get another flat-screen TV.

I still haven't had time to go see any movies as of yet. But I WILL be seeing The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and Closer sometime this weekend as I get paid today.

I just finished watching Lost In Translation and WOW. Every single wonderful word that's been written about it is so very true. It makes you feel tired, drunk on sake, hopeful, sad, impressed, hungry for sushi, and tinged with longing. Scarlett Johansson is a luminous, radiant, ethereal beauty. I'll post a review in the next fortnight, I promise. And excuse me, Academy, but how the fuck do you give Sean Penn an Oscar for the overpraised piece of shit that Mystic River turned out to be? Talk about much ado about nothing. If Bill Murray doesn't take home Oscar gold this year, I'll be mucho pissed. Or as the 'Genius' Issue of Esquire magazine recently said of Mr. Murray: "WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE THIS MAN AN OSCAR?!"

2005 is slowly approaching and as I look forward I hope that you reading this have a wonderful year. I hope that all of my friends, family, and loved ones will as well. I'd like to write more, read more, become more cultured. My goal is to travel to London before 2006. I'd love nothing more. This is my major plan for the new year and I'll keep you updated on its progress. The year will also mean another lonely annual with no girl on my arm. It stings but I'm not a moper. Less money to spend on gifts and lavish love tokens. It'd still be nice, however, but fate has made up its mind that that is not in the cards for me. So be it.

I had to work from 6-11 tonight. Nothing too taxing and I had fun. Two night shift people are being trained in Assistant Manager positions (different shifts), so I'm having to cover the in-between until they get all situated. Tomorrow I'm working 5-10 and the same on Saturday. Sunday I'm off and hopefully after next week I'll be back to my usual schedule of being off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And for the rare non sequitur, I got a haircut and thus feel thirty pounds lighter.

Today I plan to purchase this:

Battlestar Galactica - The Miniseries

I've heard great things of it and look forward to immersing myself in its storyline. Let's face it, sci-fi as a genre has been severely lacking on television as of late. And all I keep hearing is just how dark and intelligent this is. Also I've never really watched the original '70s series.

Then on Friday, January 14th at 9PM/8C, SCI FI will debut....

Battlestar Galactica

Our friends across the pond have been watching the series on UK's Sky One since October and word of mouth has been increasingly good. Also, pay close attention for a shot of the ship Serenity, from Firefly 10 minutes into the premier episode. Zoic Studios, the visual effects studio that won an Emmy for their work on Firefly, is also doing the work for Battlestar Galactica and threw that in as an in-joke. Zoic will also be doing the effects for the movie Serenity.

So for all things Battlestar Galactica, please visit

Monday, December 20, 2004

this one goes to eleven...

I have new glasses. Those oh-so-trendy black frames that everyone seems to be wearing now. I had to have them refitted today.

Work started out as a decent time but then slowly descended into a bitter clusterfuck, with movies and an irritating overabundance of customers. Look, it's 30 degrees outside. Make some dinner, gather the family, and spend some time together. Don't expect new releases to be in on this pre-holiday week. Plus there's the added bonus of the brats being out of school for almost two weeks.

I recently bought the 1991 novel by Sebastien Japrisot, A Very Long Engagement. It is set during and after the first World War. It's the story of a young woman's search for her fiance, whom she believes might still be alive despite having officially been reported as "killed in the line of duty". Unable to walk since childhood, fearless Mathilde Donnay is undeterred in her quest as she scours the country for information about five wounded French soldiers who were brutally abandoned by their own troops. A Very Long Engagement is a mystery, a love store, and an extraordinary portrait of life in France before and after the War.

A Very Long Engagement is now a major motion picture from Warner Independent Pictures -

Here's the movie's official website -

It stars Audrey Tautou from Amelie and is co-written and directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, director of Delicatessen, The City Of Lost Children, and Amelie. I cannot wait to read this book and see the movie. The movie is in very limited release but it's rumored to have Oscar buzz all over it, so we should be getting it after the holidays. I had a coupon from Media Play, so a $14 book became $9.

Lastly, here's the awesome trailer for the movie.

A Very Long Engagement

As promised, here are my thoughts on the upcoming 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards...


My choices are denoted with an asterisk - *
The ones I think will win are denoted with a plus sign - +
The 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards will be broadcast LIVE Sunday, January 16th at 8PM Eastern on NBC.

Here they are!

Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series - Drama

  • Michael Chiklis - The Shield
  • Denis Leary - Rescue Me
  • Julian McMahon - nip/tuck+
  • Ian McShane - Deadwood
  • James Spader - Boston Legal*

Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series - Musical Or Comedy

  • Jason Bateman - Arrested Development*+
  • Zach Braff - Scrubs
  • Larry David - curb your enthusiasm
  • Matt LeBlanc - Joey
  • Tony Shaloub - Monk
  • Charlie Sheen - Two And A Half Men

Best Performance By An Actress In A Television Series - Drama

  • Edie Falco - The Sopranos+
  • Jennifer Garner - Alias
  • Mariska Hargitay - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Christine Lahti - Jack & Bobby*
  • Joely Richardson - nip/tuck

Best Performance By An Actress In A Television Series - Musical or Comedy

  • Marcia Cross - Desperate Housewives+
  • Teri Hatcher - Desperate Housewives*
  • Felicity Huffman - Desperate Housewives
  • Debra Messing - Will & Grace
  • Sarah Jessica Parker - Sex and the City

Best Television Series - Musical Or Comedy

  • Arrested Development*
  • Desperate Housewives+
  • entourage
  • Sex and the City
  • Will & Grace

Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made For Television

  • American Family - Journey of Dreams
  • Iron Jawed Angels*
  • The Life and Death of Peter Sellers
  • The Lion In Winter
  • Something The Lord Made+

Best Performance By An Actress In A Miniseries Or A Motion Picture Made For Television

  • Glenn Close - The Lion In Winter
  • Blythe Danner - Back When We Were Grown Ups
  • Julianna Margulies - The Grid
  • Miranda Richardson - The Lost Prince
  • Hilary Swank - Iron Jawed Angels*+

Best Performance By An Actor In A Miniseries Or A Motion Picture Made For Television

  • Mos Def - Something The Lord Made*
  • Jamie Foxx - Redemption
  • William H. Macy - The Wool Cap
  • Geoffrey Rush - The Life and Death of Peter Sellers+
  • Patrick Stewart - The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

Best Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role In A Series, Miniseries, or Motion Picture Made For Television

  • Drea De Matteo - The Sopranos
  • Anjelica Huston - Iron Jawed Angels*
  • Nicolette Sheridan - Desperate Housewives+
  • Charlize Theron - The Life and Death of Peter Sellers
  • Emily Watson - The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role In A Series, Miniseries, or Motion Picture Made For Television

  • Sean Hayes - Will & Grace
  • Michael Imperioli - The Sopranos+
  • Jeremy Piven - entourage*
  • Oliver Platt - Huff
  • William Shatner - Boston Legal


Once again my picks are denoted with an asterisk - *

Who I think will win is denoted with a +

I believe Sideways may win in a few surprise categories as the industry buzz is at full-tilt on this one.

It screened at the Savannah Film Festival and is from the writers and director of Citizen Ruth, Election and About Schmidt

Here they are! The 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards will be broadcast LIVE at 8PM Eastern Sunday, January 16th on NBC.

Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture - Drama

  • Scarlett Johansson - A Love Song For Bobby Long*
  • Nicole Kidman - Birth
  • Imelda Staunton - Vera Drake
  • Hilary Swank - Million Dollar Baby+
  • Uma Thurman - Kill Bill Vol. 2

Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

  • Annette Bening - Being Julia
  • Ashley Judd - De Lovely
  • Emmy Rossum - Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of The Opera+
  • Kate Winslet - Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind*
  • Renee Zellweger - Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason

Best Motion Picture - Musical Or Comedy

  • Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind*
  • The Incredibles
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of The Opera
  • Ray+
  • Sideways

Best Director - Motion Picture

  • Clint Eastwood - Million Dollar Baby
  • Marc Forster - Finding Neverland
  • Mike Nichols - Closer*
  • Alexander Payne - Sideways+
  • Martin Scorsese - The Aviator

Best Performance By An Actor In A Motion Picture -Drama

  • Javier Bardem - The Sea Inside
  • Don Cheadle - Hotel Rwanda*
  • Johnny Depp - Finding Neverland+
  • Leonardo DiCaprio - The Aviator
  • Liam Neeson - Kinsey

Best Motion Picture - Drama

  • The Aviator
  • Closer*
  • Finding Neverland+
  • Hotel Rwanda
  • Kinsey
  • Million Dollar Baby

Best Performance By An Actor In A Motion Picture -Musical Or Comedy

  • Jim Carrey - Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind*
  • Jamie Foxx - Ray+
  • Paul Giamatti - Sideways
  • Kevin Kline - De Lovely
  • Kevin Spacey - Beyond The Sea

Best Foreign Language Film

  • The Chorus (Les Choristes) - France
  • House Of Flying Daggers - China
  • The Motorcycle Diaries - Brazil+
  • The Sea Inside - Spain
  • A Very Long Engagement - France*

Best Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role - Drama

  • Cate Blanchett - The Aviator
  • Laura Linney - Kinsey
  • Virginia Madsen - Sideways+
  • Natalie Portman - Closer*
  • Meryl Streep - The Manchurian Candidate

Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role - Drama

  • David Carradine - Kill Bill Vol. 2
  • Thomas Haden Church - Sideways*+
  • Jamie Foxx - Collateral
  • Morgan Freeman - Million Dollar Baby Clive Owen - Closer

Best Screenplay - Motion Picture

  • Charlie Kaufman - Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
  • John Logan - The Aviator
  • David Magee - Finding Neverland
  • Patrick Marber - Closer*
  • Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor - Sideways+

Best Original Score - Motion Picture

  • Clint Eastwood - Million Dollar Baby
  • Jan A.P. Kaczmarek - Finding Neverland+
  • Rolfe Kent - Sideways*
  • Howard Shore - The Aviator
  • Hans Zimmer - Spanglish

Best Original Song - Motion Picture

  • "Accidentally In Love" - Shrek 2
  • "Believe" - The Polar Express
  • "Learn To Be Lonely" - Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of The Opera+
  • "Million Voices" - Hotel Rwanda
  • "Old Habits Die Hard" - Alfie*

Tuesday, December 14, 2004's tuesday...

I'm sorry. The days got away from me. Anyway, where was I?

Let's start from the beginning...

Director Steven Soderbergh (out of sight, Traffic, the insufferable Erin Brockovich) took a cult classic from the '60s, dusted its premise off and ran with it. The result was the cool, breezy, updated Ocean's Eleven. It was almost too cool for its own good, but managed to project an air of suspense and fun in its caper plot. Now, three years later comes Ocean's Twelve. It is dull, unimaginative and there exists no good reason for it to.

Ocean's Twelve

George Clooney reprises his role as master thief Danny Ocean and it's up to him to pay back angry casino owner Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia, collecting a paycheck) or face death. So he assembles his motley crew and they set about planning a score in Europe that will give them a big payday and get Benedict off their back. Along for the ride this time is Catherine Zeta-Jones as a former flame of Brad Pitt's character and an Inspector hot on the trail of Ocean and his gang.

If I made that sound exciting, fun, or in any way involving for the viewer I apologize. Save for one scene with Julia Roberts in a hotel room, the film is on autopilot, as we watch these characters mingle in hotel rooms, trains, jail cells, restaurants, and many more places. As a travelogue, it's brilliant. As a film, it's acrid. The "heist", when it does come, is the least suspenseful ever committed to celluloid. Vincent Cassel is totally wasted as a competiting thief and there never seems to be any credible threat to any of the characters. Ocean's Twelve feels threadbare, worn, and reheated several times. The viewer can picture Clooney saddling up to Soderbergh and saying, "Hey, let's take a trip to Europe and film a sequel while we're there!" The script by George Nolfi (Timeline) was initially to be filmed as a totally unrelated movie entitled Honor Among Thieves, but was retooled as a sequel to Ocean's Eleven.

Ocean's Twelve

The movie marks a major misstep for all involved. It splashes its indifference on the screen in broad, unapologetic strokes and expects us to lap it up eagerly. Inferior product is inferior product. With other cinema choices out there and more to come soon (Lemony Snicket's A Serious Of Unfortunate Events, The Aviator, Sideways), please don't let Ocean's Twelve steal your time. It is one of the worst movies of the year.

Yesterday a FedEx Freight truck brought a HUGE yellow crate on a wooden palate. The FedEx driver was adamant that we would not be receiving this unless we helped him bring it in. So the manager and I went outside and he brought it to the rear of the truck. He said to grab the left side of the palate which I did. However, it was not secured to the bottom of this huge yellow crate and he yanked it off of the waist high truck bed. The entire weight of the crate shifted toward me. I tried to back away but the crate fell towards me, breaking my glasses, leaving a friction burn on the right side of my face, and bruising me on the upper left part of my torso. Then today we get a marketing guide book that states that we are *not* to help FedEx Freight drivers unload product. Thanks! I could have used that yesterday. So I am wearing taped glasses and will shortly be receiving new ones, hopefully very soon. And here's the kicker: the damn crate's contents are for a promotion that corporate will be using - we're not participating! Isn't that funny?

Well I'll be back later with all of the Golden Globe nominations and my picks and who I think will actually win.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

sunday evening.....

and I hate to admit that I haven't been as productive as I'd have liked this week, at least on the blog.

I returned the Magnavox DVD player. Martin is still here and I cannot bring myself to review it. Maybe later perhaps.

So I'm now off Wednesdays-Fridays. I worked Saturday until 6PM. Let's just say that I was miffed when I got off. The MOD was not doing his job and people were coming in, not being greeted (besides myself doing it). Another worker was on the floor and kept coming behind the counter. I reiterated the importance of staying on the floor. You see, we get "secret shopped" usually the first weekend of every month. Sometimes it's the second. I pray to God we didn't get shopped last night. I got out of there as soon as I could.

I saw Blade Trinity on Wednesday and Ocean's Twelve on Friday. Those reviews follow...

Blade Trinity

Marvel Comics has seen a resurgence these past few years, with their comic book-to-film adaptations of X-Men and X2, the two Spider-Man films and Daredevil to name a few. True, there have been some stumbles along the way (The Punisher, anyone?) but they've managed to do what their competitor DC Comics has recently failed to: create winning, compelling filmed versions of their long-adored tomes by hiring talented writers and directors. Luckily, DC has righted their sinking ships, with director Christopher Nolan (Memento)'s darker and more realistic Batman Begins being released June 17, and Bryan Singer (director of the X-Men movies) prepping a new, faithful-to-its-source Superman movie. Now comes Blade Trinity, the third film in the Blade saga.

Blade Trinity

Writer of all three David S. Goyer (and the upcoming Batman Begins) steps into the director's chair for this film. The half-human/half vampire vampire slayer Blade must deal not just with the undead, but the law as well, as he's set up by the vampires after he mistakenly kills a human. The vampires are lead by Danica Talos (Parker Posey, in a delicious role) and they aspire to resurrect Dracula. Blade needs help and gets it, from Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds). They name themselves "The Nightstalkers" and are part of a much larger collective of vampire slayers across the nation.

Blade Trinity

The first Blade film was a loud garish blast of a movie, full of nonstop violence and sensory overload visuals. The second was ably directed by Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy) as a Grand Guignol-type comic book splatterfest but in my opinion was undone by its overabundance of CGI and non-interaction with the mortal world. Blade Trinity brings us a barrage of new plot points and speeds through them rather quickly, giving no time for newbies. Wesley Snipes is even more wooden and aloof, and it works as he's given the backseat for The Nightstalkers. Ryan Reynolds steals the movie as Hannibal King and provides the movie's comic relief. I will admit Goyer's direction is very much of the "quick edit" school and more time could have been given to the fight scenes so they weren't so choppy. I liked it more then Blade II but the first remains the best. Blade Trinity felt like a pulpy comic book movie should, in a good way, and was ninety solid minutes of kinetic entertainment.

I'll be back later tonight with my review of Ocean's Twelve. Don't forget the Golden Globe nominations will be announced at 8:30AM Eastern. Hopefully there'll be some excellent nominations. With me being the huge movie geek I am and the weather getting colder, now is the time for intelligent movies and "my Super Bowl", the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

saturday again...

Well, sugar cookies have been made. They have holiday sprinkles. They taste delicious.

I should honestly be in bed right now. Silly ol' me. I'm actually going to try to wade through the rest of the Firefly box set's commentaries before it gets too late. I'm having buyer's remorse for the Magnavox DVD player and Martin. Don't get me wrong...Martin was an interesting character study but the combo of that film, the new DVD player, and the quick loss of bank in my wallet have proved a bit disconcerting if nothing else. I will post a review of Martin soon, nonetheless. I need to seek out George A. Romero's The Crazies as I've heard that's a much stronger film than Martin. I'll give Martin one has some creepy moments, and one HELL of an ending.

There are rumors that the new trailer for Batman Begins will debut in front of Ocean's Twelve this Friday, as will a new one for Constantine and possibly a teaser for the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise remake War Of The Worlds. We will soon see.

So yep...I have to work in the morning. I hope the day's not too taxing. Stress can build up quite easily but hopefully tomorrow won't be too crazy. It'll be quite interesting to have the middle of the week off (Wed, Thurs, Fri) instead of the weekend. At least that frees me up to see Blade Trinity on Wednesday. Perhaps this middle of the week off-time will allow me to conserve more energy instead of going full-tilt nonstop all week practically. (Not that I'm unable to work four days in a row...I'm no novice.)

And drats I didn't get around to watching Lost In Translation this weekend. Another time, this week perhaps. And I without a doubt will be viewing, very soon, the remaining items that are currently housed on TiVo...

Veronica Mars - Tuesdays at 9PM on UPN.

Desperate Housewives - Sundays at 10PM on ABC


As I've previously stated, Frankenstein aired on USA back in October. Well, I'm tired. Have a great week and I'll be back later with more.

Friday, December 03, 2004

the friday post...

George A. Romero's Martin

I just picked up George A. Romero's 1977 horror film Martin on DVD for $10.99 at Best Buy. The word around the campfire is that this is a brilliantly disturbing horror film with nightmarish imagery, one of the best horror films of the '70s, and one of the best vampire movies of all time. I WILL post a review of this, mark my words. Then I plan to watch and review Lost In Translation.

I also got a $47 Magnavox DVD player. So I'm on the precipice of being broke. Hopefully I can use my connections to see Blade Trinity this Wednesday as my new schedule has me off on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays instead of Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I'm going to try to save the remaining dollars for Closer if at all possible.

Hopefully this review of Blade Trinity is correct:

Oh, the doctor's visit went swimmingly. I have a hydrocele. Curious what that is? Google it. WebMD it. Quite interesting, eh?

I did get some inserts for my sneakers. My feet already feel more comfortable.

Firefly..I finished it and have started listening to the commentary on the first episode. I can't wait for Serenity to come out on September 30th.

Here's the teaser poster for Batman Begins. It looks like The Dark Knight just may be getting back to his roots...

Click here to visit the official Batman Begins website

Batman Begins - In Theatres June 17th

Thursday, December 02, 2004

One more thing...

My ULTIMATE goal this weekend (as I am off the next three days), however, is to finally watch...

Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation

I bought this DVD the day it came out, back in February of this year, and still haven't watched it yet. Silly, crazy me. I'm quite looking forward to it. I also have all of the so-far aired episodes of Desperate Housewives and Veronica Mars to wade through this weekend. And I plan to!

Happy birthday to me!...

Art by Sam Brown; Visit his website at

Art by Sam Brown; Visit his website at

Well I'm twenty-three now. I hope the rest of the year and the next finds myself, my family and friends, and anyone who may perouse this blog well.

I've been having headaches recently, along with various other aches and pains and it seems like this morning before work, while I was showering, I felt like I couldn't catch my breath. I blinked and all of a sudden I was sitting in the tub, water spraying on my face. However I didn't hurt my back or my head. I wasn't in any pain. I noticed a slight bruise on my right leg but other than that, nothing apparent. So in other words, I blacked out in the shower, I guess. This is just another lovely addition to the odd asortment of maladies I've been facing for the past few months. I believe I need new glasses (hopefully the reason I've been having headaches and my left eye twitching off and on now and then) and either insoles in my shoes or new shoes because our work only has carpet slapped onto a hard floor. This said floor is what I think has caused my left ankle to hurt when I walk on it from time to time. Not daily but every once and again. So long story short my ass will be seeing a doctor tomorrow. I'm through joshing and joking around. I want myself fixed up nice and proper so that I can return to my regular, healthy cynical, sarcastic, witty video store clerk self.

So we've started DVD trading at work. It's an ingenious concept...depending on your outlook. I've still got $31 and some change on my account. You get $5 store credit for every DVD you trade in. They must be in mint condition and in their original packaging. I've picked up The Manchurian Candidate (1962) for $7.99, Alex Proyas's excellent sci-fi noir Dark City and tomorrow I'll be picking up something a customer traded in today: the short-lived live action adaptation of The Tick that ran on FOX for barely a minute. We get paid Friday and I hope it's a nice sized check. I hope my time-and-a-half from Thanksgiving helps out at least a bit.

I think either my DVD player or my television is going out. I'm getting fading every once and again. So I think when I come into some extra spending $$$, I'll get a small flatscreen and a decent name brand DVD player that won't break the bank. Here's a helpful hint consumers...don't buy Goldstar, Apex, or any of those brand names you've never heard of yet the player's priced so attractively. Nine times out of ten they'll break sooner than you think. I can't count the number of times a customer's come in complaining about how their DVD won't play and when pressed on the issue, it's usually one of the off-brand DVD players they've got (unless the DVD's scratched...or they're playing it on a PlayStation 2)

I am also quite irate that Mike Nichols' new movie Closer is not going to be released here this weekend. However our fair city will be receiving the Nicole Kidman starrer Birth and director Walter Salles' The Motorcycle Diaries. It's about a young Che Guevara and his trek through Mexico with a friend while he was in his twenties. The film, released by Focus Features, is produced by Robert Redford. So I may check out one of those this weekend. I will be staying far, far away from Alexander. Perhaps a rental is in the offing for that particular title.

Blade Trinity opens this Wednesday and to say I'm so there is quite the understatement. Hopefully writer/director David S. Goyer brings this trilogy to a fitful and excellent conclusion.

And now it's time for Bitch Fest 2004. This morning's topic? Why people with no lives! Now I have a semblance of one, it's true. I possess a truly frightful amount of movie knowledge and am the most knowledgeable person on our staff at work. I love movies. I adore watching trailers and enjoying the cinema and all its offers. I love watching a great movie on DVD and appreciating its warmth and enjoyment. Recently I watched The Adventures Of Robin Hood, the 2-Disc Special Edition. I've had this sucker for a while now and finally got around to watching it. It's a masterful piece of work, a triumph of art direction, score, set design, acting (Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland are simply masterful and Basil Rathbone cuts a devilish and quite debonair swath as the enemy), and heart.


There is simply no way that I would be at a video store at 9:30 in the morning to rent a movie! NO WAY! People, the movie's not going to evaporate! Every morning people are at the door waiting for us to open, I hate greeting them. Call me crazy but those first few people get my dander up. It's like, 'You can't wait an hour or so?!' Maybe I am crazy but so be it. Case in point: When Universal Pictures releases the film version of the television series Firefly, Serenity, I will be buying that. I don't need to rush out like thar's gold in them thar hills! Even for comedies like Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story... (street date 12/07) I don't need to be at a video store first thing in the morning! Have some coffee, catch some breakfast, but don't act like we're giving away money.

Another fun facet is to watch said individuals when they see us in the store before opening and they don't bother to read what time we do open (It's 10AM, by the way). The customer in this situation performs what I like to call "The Arm Jerk". They will grab the door handle and YANK on it with all of their might. It appears to be hard enough to yank their arm out of the socket.

Hey cell phones can be fun! Sure they can be a rather nice old time! Until you're being processed at a place of business and a clerk is waiting on you! I'm sure you yap away like that when the teller gives you money at your bank, right? Because who cares if she shorts you $20, am I right? We make sure to notate on their account which cell phone customers are unresponsive during transactions. That way when they come back in complaining of late fees, we can explain what happened. When I worked at another video store, a girl came in, talking on her cell phone. It was near the holidays and she purchased $100 in gift cards. I was off the next day and one of the assistant managers told me that she'd come back the next day and said, "Um, I'm sorry, I was busy talking on my phone and I only meant to get $50 in gift cards." The AM politely told her that we couldn't do anything about that. So in conclusion people...PUT THE DAMN PHONE DOWN! "What do you want for dinner? Okay I'll pick it up. Am I busy? No, I'm just getting a movie." Yeah, and you're pissing me off in the process. Leave some of that conversation for when you get home or is the atmosphere there too tense to try to initiate any talk at all? Sorry for the rant but it had to be addressed. I've got a million more. You tend to rack up millions of stories in almost four-and-a-half years of video store service. I'm telling you I need to write a book.

I'm on the last episode of Firefly. It's bittersweet, really. After that I plan to indulge myself in all of the yummy bonus feature goodness: cast and crew commentaries, deleted scenes, an Easter egg, and then rewatch them all again over and over and over until Serenity comes out September 30th.

Well, I'm headed for bed. Off to watch Late Night with Conan O'Brien that TiVo graciously grabbed for me and Firefly. Anyone see Tom Brokaw's last newscast tonight? What an excellent pro that man is. I'll miss him in the anchor chair, that's for sure. Brian Williams seems to be a great guy and he'll no doubt do well in the spot. Anyone that's seen him on Conan's show knows he's not just some pampered and preened talking head. At least on there, he comes off pretty sharp and funny.

Nite all!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Joss Whedon's "Serenity" Pushed Back From April 22nd to September 30th!



This was just posted on by Joss:

Are you guys starting to hear that fanfare? Those distant drums? Are you slapping on your side-arms, pulling on your long brownish-colored coats and thumbing your crisp new bills in anticipation of the cinematic event of the year? Well, it's official: on April 22nd you, the true the blue the loyal, can step right up with the rest of America and WAIT FIVE MORE MONTHS.

Heh. See, sometimes studios shuffle around release dates...

Okay. Don't panic. right now you're panicking. you're thinking, "how could they do this to me?" But what you SHOULD be thinking is: "How could they do this to JOSS?". Seriously. That pity is mine and I want it back.

So what happened? Well, nothing terribly original. April got crowded with a lot of titles aimed at a similar demographic, and the studio decided September was a clearer corridor for the film to make the kind of impact it should. This isn't about a lack of confidence in the film -- in fact, they told me this before they even saw it. And now they have seen it, and unless they're way better liars than I'm used to, they dug it. Actually, they dug it pretty large, which is a good sign since there's not a single finished effect in the film. There's no reworking the end, no reshoots, no "does it have to be in space?". It's just a marketing issue. Now you'll get to watch lots of trailers in the summer. And hopefully, by the time it comes out, other people, people who ain't us, will get a whiff of what we're up to, and come along too.

I love this movie. I HATE waiting to show it too you. I felt pretty much the way I imagine you're feeling right now when they told me. But these guys know what they're doing, and they're trying to protect their investment, not bury it. So I gotta be a grown-up. The release date is September 30th. Hopefully it won't change again.

Spread the word. Keep the faith. And gleam the damn cube already.



My thoughts?


Oh well. We'll just have more time to promote the hell out of our BDM. Truth be told, I was worried that XXX: State Of The Union and the next Star Wars movie would come along and deposit our BDM underneath them both, and the media analysts would have a field day with the overbooked spring release schedule and take it out on Serenity (i.e. "Whedon's Firefly movie fails to soar"). So September 30th sounds good. According to Yahoo! Movies, it's a week after The Legend Of Zorro and Serenity will be opening up against Curious George. I'd rather there be no competition, but maybe Serenity can battle for a premium chunk of box-office gold. Onward, Browncoats!

And now here's further proof that Universal is making sure that they don't shoot themselves in the foot by releasing Serenity at too crowded a time in the box office marketplace.

U shuffles '05 release sked

From Yahoo! News

U shuffles '05 release sked

Mon Nov 22, 8:22 PM ET

Claude Brodesser, STAFF

(Variety) — Universal Pictures has confirmed it has moved back the release date for upcoming Nicole Kidman starrer The Interpreter causing a chain reaction of changes to its release sked over the next 12 months.

The Sydney Pollack-helmed pic has been moved from Feb. 18 to April 22.

This, in turn, means that Serenity -- based on the now-canceled Fox skein Firefly created by Joss Whedon -- has been moved from April 22 to Sept. 30. However, that displaces Jarhead, the Sam Mendes-helmed pic based on Anthony Swofford's memoir as a Marine sniper in the first Gulf War (news - web sites).

"Release dates and the distribution calendar are fluid documents," said Paul Pflug, a U spokesman. "As a distributor, we're always looking for the best dates available."

Meanwhile, U has dated two other pics on the release calendar. Kate Hudson starrer The Skeleton Key -- a thriller helmed by Iain Softley and penned by Ehren Kruger -- has been set for July 8; Judd Apatow's The 40-Year-Old Virgin a coming-of-age pic by the helmer and Steve Carell, has been slated for Nov. 23.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

...i'll teach you how to swim...if you turn the bad in me into good again...

Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley

As I've grown older, I've tired of the chord-verse nature of most music. While I was weaned on the grunge and alternative aspects that the late '80s and early nineties offered, it seems that sans original, creative bands like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The White Stripes, most musical acts now have a throaty yell, unintelligible lyrics, and nothing to offer but faux rage and lame bass riffs. These bands think these attributes are tantamount to aural brilliance when nothing could be further from the truth.

Rilo Kiley

Los Angeles's Rilo Kiley have been recording since 1998. The band's new album More Adventurous is their first on their own brute/beaute records, a Warner Brothers imprint. I have not heard their last album, The Execution Of All Things, but the new one makes me eager to learn more. Singer/songwriter Jenny Lewis conveys a wide swath of emotions over eleven tracks, each one different from the next. The disc starts out with "It's A Hit", an anti-Bush tome that shifts into an attack on suburban platitudes. "Does He Love You?" is told as a girl lost in a loveless marriage and her friend on the sidelines, hoping to have the other's man. Lewis's voice is all ache, anger and anticipation, resonant and finite towards the end of the track. "Portions For Foxes" sounds like it should be on the radio, a sunny call of admiration and warning ("The talking leads to touching/And the touching leads to sex/And then there is no mystery left") to a lover. It's one of the album's highlights. "I Never" could be a b-side for a '70s Top 40 soul artist. It marries Lewis's powerful voice with a classic jazz backing. "Ripchord" is the sole track written and sung by guitarist Blake Sennett and it's a stirring acoustic piece. "Love and War (11/11/46)" relates a tale of Jenny's resentment of a past lover and then brings us her grandfather's final days and the themes combine in front of a buzzy, guitar-laced riff. "A Man/Me/Then Jim" is just what it sounds like, stories of various people and their daily discomforts. The album closes with "It Just Is", a small number that seems to borrow a bit from an old John Lennon track, complete with what sounds like an electric piano at the very beginning. A bright yet compact burst of energy at the apex of a brilliantly smart album.

Rilo Kiley offers a disconnect from the mindless neanderthals that populate the playlists of every modern rock station in every city across the country. More Adventurous is a sparkling love letter to life, good and bad, and it provides the listener with a taste of all the great things smart songwriting and competent musicianship can offer. It's an album that's alive and magical and worth every dime spent on it.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Fucking genius band...

I just picked up Rilo Kiley's new CD More Adventurous. It's the L.A. band's first release on their own Brute/Beaute Records, a Warner Brothers imprint. The album is a masterpiece and I'll post a review sometime tomorrow. Go pick this up immediately.

Rilo Kiley

Monday, November 15, 2004

A truly great show...

Last night I finished a marathon of all of the episodes of Jack & Bobby so far...thank you TiVo!

Jack & Bobby

This series is about the President Of The United States in 2040, Robert McCallister. Jack & Bobby follows high school students Bobby, his older brother Jack, and their liberal college professor mother, Grace. Into the mix is the daughter of the college president, Courtney. She has feelings for Jack, who's dating the daughter, Missy, of a local reverend. Throughout the show, interspersed if you will, are interviews with various members of Bobby's future administration and other politicians. I'm making the show sound vapid and uninvolving, but nothing could be further from the truth. It consistently portrays its characters with real and vivid motions. Christine Lahti is amazing as the vibrant and quite opinionated mother of the two boys. Another facet of the show that differs is the relationship between Courtney and the reverend's daughter. This isn't The O.C. and it depicts Missy reaching out to Courtney as a friend because all of her own are gossip queens.

Jack & Bobby

The other crucial piece of this dramatic puzzle is the testimony of various politicians. How Bobby was a Republican who ran as an Independent and won. How his campaign managed to avoid smearing a girl accusing him of sexual assault. Allegations of adultery with his female Vice President. The way he managed to avoid a second Cold War with China through a simple game of chess. Jack & Bobby presents a truly fascinating and intimate portrait of America, how one boy's dreams and aspirations lead him to the White House. If you enjoy compelling drama, then please watch this show. It airs Wednesday nights at 9PM on The WB.

Jack & Bobby Official Website,7353,1985~1,00.html

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Fucking cocksucker...


Oh. Sorry. I'm currently watching Deadwood, HBO's Western drama series on HBO On Demand. Check it out if you can. It's fucking wonderful, fucker. Wake the kids, it's a really fucking good show.

Friday, November 12, 2004

The killer doll is back...and this time he's got a family!

Seed Of Chucky

Well I'm off to go see Rogue Pictures (Focus Features horror genre arm) sophomore release, Seed Of Chucky . All of the reviews from horror fans online state that this is an excellent horror comedy and I look forward to it. The review is forthcoming. Below you'll find the websites for all three ventures.

Focus Features -
Rogue Pictures -
Seed Of Chucky Official Movie Website -

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Today's The Day...


I'm going to bed. Please go out there and vote. The election hangs in the balance and we desperately need change. Four more years of hateful, right-wing warmongering is not what the nation deserves. The United States of America is a wonderful country and we need a new president who will lead us into a stronger, more prosperous twenty-first century. Please go out there and vote today. I don't care how long it takes...VOTE! 20 million people between the ages of 18-25 did not vote in 2000. We need all of those 20 million and more! So vote! Take ten friends! Get out there and VOTE! We deserve a change in the occupancy at 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue. Let's make that change happen today!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

One more thing...

Congratulations to Air America Place as they've gone from being an unofficial Air America audio archive since AAR's launch on March 31st to being *THE* Official Air America Radio archive! So swing over there for all of your archived Air America Radio needs and to join their online community!

Air America Place

And don't forget to visit Air America Radio as well

AAR will be doing live team coverage all evening and into the overnight for the election.

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! November 2nd..VOTE!

C'mon. If you're really "undecided", what are you waiting for? Choose the candidate whose issues you agree with and cast your vote. If you vote for Bush, you have a character flaw and are crazy, but at least you're participating in democracy. I am really hoping Kerry wins on Tuesday. I think I'll have to get up *extra* early on Tuesday because I imagine the polls will be busy with lines of people. I want Kerry and the Democrats to clean up on Tuesday. Our country needs change very badly and we deserve it. The politics of fear have no place in the hearts and minds of our country and we need to ship Shrub back to Crawford, Texas - PERMANENTLY!

Don't forget that Daylight Savings Time started at 2AM this morning. So set your clocks accordingly. I just wish that cooler weather would head our way, and soon. A damn high pressure system has taken over and is producing unseasonably warm temperatures and that's very bad. It's fucking Halloween and it should be cold outside! Maybe if we're lucky, cold, cold weather systems are on their way in droves. By the way, Happy Halloween!


That's right, The Tall Man himself - Angus Scrimm of Phantasm fame - will be hosting a spooky marathon of Aqua Teen Hunger Force starting tonight at 11PM on adult swim on Cartoon Network.

Speaking of the creepiest holiday of the year, The Horror Channel - has delayed their launch because they came upon a deal that would place them in many millions more homes and allow them to be a 24/7 cable network. If they'd launched today it only would have been in several thousand homes in a very limited capacity (only three days a week for three hours or so). So while I'm a bit dismayed to say the least, I totally understand. Do we want a hastily launched channel devoted to the genre that only airs in a sparse fashion or a full-blown, all-day, all-night horrorfest? I think they made the right move in the long run. So head on over to their site, read the announcement, sign the petition, and join their online community.

Tonight is the season finale of Dead Like Me -

Tonight the reapers have their work cut out for them as a serial killer stalks the city. I still have several episodes to watch on Showtime OnDemand.

I still have USA's Frankenstein on TiVo -

And lastly, we may just be getting BellSouth's The Light (DSL) Internet connection. Is DSL worse than Comcast's high-speed internet service, because I've heard so. We'll also be getting DIRECTV via BellSouth. These two cost-cutting items will save us over $50 a month on our income. So that's cool. I also am hoping that this move will allow us to get The Horror Channel on its inital launch. Plus I'll get to see Trio - pop, culture, tv - which shows Classic Dave (old episodes of "Late Night with David Letterman"), Brilliant But Cancelled (series that never got a fair chance) and Pilot Season (shows that went to pilot but were not picked up as a series - like, for example, a series based on the movie L.A. Confidential starring Kiefer Sutherland or Fargo starring Edie Falco in Frances McDormand's Academy Award-winning role. I'll keep you updated on both the DIRECTV front and The Horror Channel news.

Sony's The Grudge is the #1 movie for the second week in a row, followed by Universal's Ray. In a not bad-at-all third place is Lions Gate's highly-hyped horror pic Saw which brought in a masterful $17.4 million. Hopefully it can hold its place when Disney and Pixar release the should-be-excellent The Incredibles this weekend. Paramount will counter with the Charles Shyer remake of the 1966 Michael Caine film Alfie.

Here's the slate of upcoming movies for the next two months:


The Incredibles (Disney) - PIXAR Animation Studios has Brad Bird (The Iron Giant) to tell this tale of a retired superherp family who has to come together once more to save the world.

Alfie - (Paramount) Charles Shyer (The Affair Of The Necklace) returns with this updated version of the 1966 British film starring Michael Caine. Alfie is a womanizer who may be at the end of his ways when one of his many girlfriends turns up pregnant. The 2004 version uses a New York setting instead of London, but still with a British actor.


The Polar Express (Warner Bros.) - Robert Zemeckis (Back To The Future trilogy) used the same motion-capture CGI computer technique that brought Gollum to life to tell this tale of a magical train bound for The North Pole. Based on the popular children's book by Chris Van Allsburg.


After The Sunset (New Line) - Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Woody Harrelson, and Don Cheadle star in this high-tech caper about jewel thieves and the one diamond that could mean the end of one thief's illustrious career (Brosnan). Directed by Brett Ratner (Red Dragon, Rush Hour).

Seed Of Chucky (Rogue) - The serial killer doll is back! In this, the fifth installment of the Child's Play series, killer doll parents Chucky and Tiffany discover they have a son and not only must they deal with being a family but with disturbing the production of a movie about their lives. John Waters plays a sleazy paparazzi. Child's Play creator Don Mancini takes the helm as writer/director.


Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (Universal) - The diary-keeping Brit has to choose yet again between two suitors (Hugh Grant, Colin Firth). Beebe Kidron directs.

National Treasure (Touchstone) - Jon Turtletaub directs this tale of an alleged treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. One historian (Nicolas Cage) decides he and his crew must get it before a band of outlaws does. So they plan to do the obvious: steal the Declaration of Independence.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (Paramount) - It's up to Spongebob (voice of Tom Kenny) and his best friend Patrick (voice of Bill Fagerbakke) to save Bikini Bottom from an evil king. Featuring the voices of Alec Baldwin, Jeffrey Tambor, and Scarlett Johansson..oh and a cameo by David Hasselhoff.


Alexander (Warner Bros.) - Oliver Stone directs this historical epic based on the exploits of Alexander The Great, the man who had conquered most of the known world by the age of 25. The film stars Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, and Anthony Hopkins. Music by Academy Award-winning composer Vangelis (Chariots Of Fire, Blade Runner).

Christmas With The Kranks (Sony) - Based on the John Grisham novel Skipping Christmas, The Kranks (Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis) are always the beacons of Christmas cheer. They decided to skip the Christmas decorations one year and plan their own trip away when their daughter decides to jet to a tropical locale with her boyfriend. But when said daughter changes her mind at the last minute, it's a holiday scramble to put Christmas back on! Sony-based Revolution Studios head Joe Roth takes the director's chair for the first time since 2001's America's Sweethearts (and before that, 1987's Revenge Of The Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise)


A Very Long Engagement (Warner Independent) - Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, The City Of Lost Children, Delicatessen) returns with this sweeping epic from his native France. The story involves a war widow who refuses to belive that her beloved childhood sweetheart is dead and seeks out a mission to either confirm her beliefs or dash them. The film stars Audrey Tautou (Amelie), Dominique Pinon (Amelie), Gaspard Ulliel, and Jodie Foster. Based on the acclaimed French novel by Sebastien Japrisot.


Closer (Sony) - Mike Nichols directs from Patrick Marber's screenplay (based on his own stage play) about two sets of couples who cheat on each other with the other's lover. From all accounts, a graphic, intimate, and sexually charged emotional drama. If this isn't Oscar bait, what is?


Blade Trinity (New Line) - The scribe for all three Blade films (as well as Dark City and next summer's Caped Crusader reinvention, Batman Begins) is director on this installment, his directorial debut. The plot deals with Blade being set up by the vampire as a deranged serial killer and pursued by the F.B.I.. He also must contend with the vampires resurrecting Dracula and utilize Whistler's daughter, Abigail (Jessica Biel), who's handy with a bow and arrow, and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds), a tough slayer who used to be a vampire. Parker Posey plays against type (wonderfully, I hear) as the head vampire leading the crusade to resurrect Dracula. Also, comedian Patton Oswalt is in this movie! Yeah!


Ocean's Twelve (Warner Bros.) - They're all back. This time Danny Ocean and his criminal band must pull several heists in order to pay back enraged casino boss Andy Garcia and prevent him from killing Danny's wife Tess (Julia Roberts), whom he's kidnapped. Catherine Zeta-Jones is the twelfth person, a cop hot on the heels of Danny and his crew. Director Steven Soderbergh (sex, lies, and videotape) returns for the sequel. Twelve is the new eleven.


The Aviator (Miramax) - Director Martin Scorsese tells the extraordinary life story of the visionary man who revolutionized aeronautics in the 1940s and how he became a notorious recluse later in life. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Hughes, with co-starring roles by Jude Law as Errol Flynn, Kate Beckinsale as Ava Gardner, Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn, and Gwen Stefani (in her acting debut) as Jean Harlow.

Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Paramount) - Daniel Handler's popular series of children's books come to the silver screen directed by Brad Siberling (Casper). In this tale, the mysterious Count Olaf (Jim Carrey) takes in two orphaned children relative to him, Klaus and Violet, he begins to plot to kill them and spend the money left to him by their parents. As the ads say, "On December 17, Christmas cheer takes a holiday." This movie looks wickedly inventive with a somewhat Gothic flair and I cannot wait to see it. Starring Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep, and narrated by Jude Law (as Lemony Snicket)

Spanglish (Sony) - Academy Award-winning director James L. Brooks (As Good As It Gets) directs. Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni star as the parents of a family at their wit's end. A new spice is brought into their life and they begin to remember what it felt like to be a family when they hire a native Mexican woman with her own twelve-year old daughter as their houskeeper. She brings light and love into their home. It looks winning and while that may sound cloying, so be it, I'm there.


Meet The Fockers (Universal) - The sequel to 2000's box-office smash Meet The Parents has Robert DeNiro and his wife meeting the laid-back parents of Greg Focker (Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand). Expect big numbers from this one, although it remains to be seen if the laughs are there. I certainly hope so as I had a blast seeing the first one in the theatre and hope this sequel can live up to its predecessor.


The Dark (Dimension) - This long-delayed horror film, filmed in Spain, stars Thora Birch as the daughter of a family who moves in to a haunted house. I've heard good, I've heard's been on the shelf for well over two years. There's no website. I hope it's good and I hope it comes out Christmas Day...but I'm not holding out any hopes for this to get released on schedule.
Website: N/A

Fat Albert (20th Century Fox) - The '70s Saturday morning cartoon comes to live as Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids leap out of television and into the living room of a young girl, to help her iron out her life. Starring Kenan Thompson (Good Burger, Nickelodeon's All That and Kenan and Kel, and currently as a cast member on Saturday Night Live).

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (Touchstone) - My most anticipated movie of 2004. Genius writer/director Wes Anderson returns with this story of deep sea diver Steve Zissou and his dysfunctional crew as they attempt to avenge the killing of one of their own by a vicious shark. Wes Anderson has assembled yet another all-star cast: Bill Murray as Zissou, Owen Wilson as his son (and who sat out as screenwriter this time; Noah Baumbac co-wrote the movie with Anderson), Willem Dafoe, Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, and Jeff Goldblum. Henry Selick, the director of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, lends his hand to bring the underwater creatures to life. Bill Murray better get an Oscar for this after his unjust snub for Lost In Translation.

Well, that's all for now. I'm eating some Domino's right now...Philly Cheesesteak Pizza and most likely will go watch the TiVo-ed Meet The Press and Today in a little bit. Have a creepy Halloween, go see The Grudge, Saw, and I Heart Huckabees (which I'll be seeing this weekend). At work, we received 104 copies of Shrek 2 on DVD! It streets on Friday, November 5th. 104 copies?! What the *fuck* is that? That's just a waste of shelf space! *Sigh* And only *two* of Warner Independent Pictures A Home At The End Of The World?! It never ceases to amaze me!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The TV she talks to me...

No time for formalities. You see, The Horror Channel will be issuing a press release with news of programming, cable company carriages, and more at midnight tonight! I *HOPE* and *PRAY* that Comcast is one of the cable companies! I am dying for this channel and want to have it ever so badly. I've become a one-man promotion machine at work, so much so that some people probably think I'm an obnoxious moron.

To prove how devoted I am, click here:

Who cares how crazy some may think I am?! This is The Horror Channel we're talking about here!

My one-man promotion efforts have garnered myself a free official Horror Channel t-shirt! Yay!
I have only nine dollars and so therefore am going to see "Undertow" at the Savannah Film Festival this Thursday at 7PM. If I Heart Huckabees starts playing here this weekend, I may have to beg, borrow, and plead to see it. And Saw and Ray open this weekend. Being broke sucks, but bills come first.

Head on over to to check out Eminem's new single "Mosh". It's a searing indictment of Bush and a clarion call for young people to get out the progressive vote. Bravo. I hope many of his teen fans who incessantly call in for banal insanity like "American Idol" but won't vote take to heart this new video.

I brought home The Omen and The Hazing tonight and I also still have Robert Altman's 3 Women and the highly acclaimed French film Love Me If You Dare. It's a darkly romantic tale. Ain't It Cool News described it as "the evil Amelie". So that sounds pretty cool.

Here's the trailer

More later perhaps. I'll definitely be posting more information about The Horror Channel soon!

Monday, October 18, 2004

...just knock yourself out...

Well, I'm forced to blog from the library of Armstrong Atlantic State University - - as our cable's fucked up and will have to be fixed tomorrow. No, I am not a college student. However, my mother is and I tagged along in order to post, you see.

Sorry for the late blog post...haven't felt too well as of late...I've been having constant headaches and I hope it's just from my prescription glasses.

Speaking of wellness, my insurance cards arrived at work today. Now I just need a way to go see a doctor, go to the Savannah Film Festival, and see I Heart Huckabees, The Grudge, Saw, Ray, and Shaun Of The Dead. Being broke all of the time sucks...oh well, onward we must go.

Get lost in the really trippy official website for I Heart Huckabees -

Shaun Of The Dead's official website -

Well, the VP and the third presidential debate had differences and likenesses: both showed Kerry/Edwards as bold, progressive individuals, while Skeletor and Alfred E. Neuman were bound and determined not to remove their rose-colored glasses, no matter what the cost.

And guess what, Republican hacks....


There? Want to call me one? Anyone? Go ahead! I don't give a flying damn! The word liberal is not a pejorative, nor should it be. I really wish Kerry had challenged Bush on that. A simple, "Is it liberal to want to give money back to the middle class by rolling back those tax cuts you gave to you and your billionaire friends? Is it liberal to want safe, affordable healthcare, *including* the safe importation of prescription drugs from Canada, for every American? Is it liberal to want a foreign policy plan that eases the burden on our far-too-overburdened military by enlisting the help of our allies? Is it liberal to want to use science to seek cures for nerve and tissue diseases and damages? Liberal is not a bad word. But by the looks of what has happened in our country over the last four years, 'compassionate conservative' must be not just a bad word, but bad for America."

Damn, I like that. On November 2nd, let's send the smirking chimp back to Crawford, Texas permanently.

And remember, the earlier that you vote the better chance you have helping others to get to the polling places and taking an active part in our democracy.

Well, The Day After Tomorrow was a definite two-star movie for me. It holds the viewer's interest, but at the end, as Roger Ebert says, "Our hands close on nothing." It's a somewhat entertaining movie. I just didn't really care for it at all.

I procured from work the horror films The Hazing and Lucky. I've heard nothing but good things about these low-budget titles and hope they live up to their hype. Several reviews have mentioned that The Hazing is a faithful homage to those great '80s horror flicks like Night Of The Demons and Evil Dead 2:Dead By Dawn. I'll let you know what I think.

Folks, I cannot stress enough the importance of heading over to The Horror Channel's official website,, and signing your cable provider's petition! I *sincerely* hope Comcast adds it! I'm really excited about this and want to be able to enjoy it from day one.

Well, that's all for now. Have a great evening and I'll hopefully blog later tomorrow.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dreaming is a singing of the mind...

Aha! It's not Sunday! I told you I'd post before then! Silly you, not believing me!

Well I'm *going* to the Savannah Film Festival

Savannah Film Festival

Savannah College of Art and Design puts this on every year. Head over to the website to see the screening schedule. I'll be attending several movies (Alexander Payne's Sideways and Marc Forster's Finding Neverland among them) and Roger Ebert's critique of Citizen Kane. I'll post reviews of the movies I see. I actually will. No really, stop laughing.

Well, the debate was the debate. Cheney was Skeletor, Edwards was plain-spoken and honest. Now we have the "town hall" debate tomorrow night from St. Louis with prepared-in-advance questions from people in league with each campaign. So how exactly is that town hall? But I digress. Onward!

Ladies and gentlemen, Savannah GA now has a Target! My mother and I went on Tuesday night and it's awesome. The design is very modern and spread out. The store is attached to Savannah Mall, the city's second mall. (It was built in 1990.) Hopefully, this will attract more merchants to this mall which was an economic powerhouse in the mid-90s and now it just seems to house tumbleweeds, huge-ass Bass Pro Outdoor World redneck store and new Texas Roadhouse restaurant not withstanding. This Target contains a pharmacy, groceries, a Starbucks, and a Pizza Hut. I'm anti-Wal*Mart and have been for a while. They also had some rather nice-looking bikes at reasonable prices and I think I might buy one to ride to work since the weather's turning nice.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the two men behind South Park, have made the first action movie/political parody marionette puppet action adventure love story. It's called Team America: World Police and there will be a sneak preview Saturday. It's being sneaked in 600-800 theaters this weekend. Locally, it's playing at 7:35. It looks great and I'll be there for this one.

The Day After Tomorrow. Yeah, I'm going to rent it this Tuesday. You got a problem with that?

At work today, I had a very enjoyable political and movie discussion with a female customer and a friend who works at Armstrong Atlantic State University. We were talking about the aforementioned film festival (of which he and I are attending). Before this, the discussion was of Bush's ineptitude, Kerry, Bush's hypocrisy, how the "No Child Left Behind" Act actually leaves children behind. Our manager got really into this topic as she used to be a teacher. All in all, it was a wonderful, lengthy talk.

Pay day is tomorrow and surprise! Our company finally got their you know what together and my insurance deal complete. Hopefully, the cards will arrive soon.

Well, that's all for now. More later!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

And so it is...

Damn. I didn't post in a more timely fashion like I said I would. Oh well. This won't be that long as I've got to rifle through TiVo some more.

I had to work 4-10 last night to cover for an ill co-worker and there was no one else to do it, as the rest of the staff that wasn't working last night had to do our monthly overnight inventory.

Man wasn't that debate a barn-burner? Kerry was spot-on, calm, cool, collected, knew his stuff while Bush came across as what he was: a gramatically-challenged, incompetent person who angers easily and cannot stand to be criticized. I'm greatly looking forward to the Vice Presidential debate this Tuesday at 9PM Eastern. The second Presidential debate is this Friday at the same time, and then there's one more on the 13th. It'll be quite interesting to see the former corporate executive (Cheney) going up against the trial lawyer (Edwards). The first thing I'd hit him with is, "Mr. Cheney, why in 2003 even though you stated you no longer have any ties to your former company Halliburton did you continue to receive money?,2763,912515,00.html

I'm just waiting for Richard "I'm Mr. Calm" Cheney to lose his cool. Even if he doesn't, I can't wait to see him try to be earnest and sincere...oh wait he can't. Well then I stress the word "try" and that rhymes with lie and that's all he and the criminals at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue do anyway.

A man I've seen in the store sporadically came in last night and struck up a conversation with me. He told me he wished he could be in my shoes, as he's scheduled to go back to Iraq for a year again in December. I told him I'm sorry and conveyed my sympathy to him. The topic turned to the debate and his eyes lit up when I mentioned just how bad Kerry schooled Bush. He laughed and said he'd like to see that. I replied that he needs to head over to or any news site, that extensive clips are all over the Internet.

He then sighed and there was a small pause between us. He looked at me and said, "We've got to get him out of there [Bush]." As I recalled several of Kerry's points from the debate, he nodded in agreement. He also made mention of how he'll have to leave his very young daughter and miss out. He wondered if she'll even recognize him. I shook his hand firmly and told him to watch his back and be strong. He returned the handshake and patted the top of my hand and smiled. "I will." This really struck a chord in me and it made me further hate Bush for this reckless foreign endeavor. WE MUST REMOVE HIM. Get out and vote.

Another rather funny aside: We're doing a rather noble charitable effort at work. You can donate a dollar (I have and plan to do more) to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. and then we place a paper bubble with your name on the glass wall behind our counter. A customer was unsure what to put on hers, so Jennifer (a co-worker) said, "What about 'VOTE KERRY'?" The girl did so and then right before I got off of work, they told me that another girl, no more than seventeen or so, got all indignant and demanded that we remove it! NOW! IMMEDIATELY! Jennifer explained to her that um, we can't do that. But you're more than welcome to donate a $1 and place whatever you'd like on it. So she replied in hers: "VOTE BUSH". This girl decorated hers with an ersatz flag (I guess) and stars. It was quite humorous.

Another co-worker, Andrew, is looking forward to this Tuesday evening. He closes on this night. Andrew has a twice-pierced eyebrow, long black hair, and a pierced tongue. He carries a Misfits bag, has an extensive collection of all things Nightmare Before Christmas. He's a really cool guy and if you're extremely conservative and intolerant of any thing slightly off from the norm, he'd scare you. His appearance is not that extreme. However, this Tuesday, the brilliant films Saved! and the most controversial film of the year, Fahrenheit 9/11, will be released. If the guy who stormed out of the store last Thursday while the trailer from Fahrenheit 9/11 played on our store promo DVD, yelling, "I want to shoot that guy!" is any indication, Tuesday should be *quite interesting* indeed. There are alot of blue people in red states, as Bill Maher says, and I'm one of them. So I'm anxious to see what we'll have coming into our store on Tuesday.

Go to for a blistering Pearl Jam performance of Bob Dylan's fiery anti-war song "Masters Of War" on Letterman. It's on the CD Songs And Artists That Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11.

As previously stated, I watched the Joan Of Arcadia season premiere and am halfway through episode two. Good stuff, that. It doesn't beat you over the head with religion and it's extremely well-written. Check it out if ever you get the chance. Also left on TiVo: two episodes of Smallville, two of Veronica Mars, four of Jack & Bobby and after 10PM, the David E. Kelley spin-off of The Practice, Boston Legal. I also need to watch Angels In America.

Joan Of Arcadia

Sunday, September 26, 2004

This weather shit is lame....

Bring on those debates! Remember, this Thursday at 9PM is the first of three debates! Kick his gramatically-challenged ass, Kerry! Like you did with Wald in 1996!

Kerry Edwards

Enough with the fucking hurricanes, Mother Nature! Look, let's get on with autumn and put this crazy crap behind us! The first official day of autumn was this week! So let's stop it! I just hope this Tropical Storm Jeanne doesn't harm us in any way.

This isn't funny at all.

I bought The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book): A Democracy Guide To Inaction. It's very funny. Go seek it out. I also picked up a horror anthology paperback, From The Borderlands. It features a short story by Stephen King called Stationary Bike.

Green Day Presents American Idiot

Green Day's new anthemic album, American Idiot, is epic, bold, and uncategorical in every way, shape, and form. From the brash sneer of "Jesus Of Suburbia" to the timely and politically charged "Holiday", it's smart, brilliantly conceived rock in its purest and best form. And it'll make for one hell of a movie, some day. It's a concept album, you see. When Billie Joe Armstrong says, "I beg to dream and differ/From the hollow lies/This is the dawning of the rest of our lives/On Holiday", you know you're dealing with loftier subjects than homeroom crushes and it makes those lesser-rans who followed in Green Day's path (blink-182, Good Charlotte) seem like the faux mouth imitators they are. American Idiot is a good job all around from the boys, excuse me, men from Berekeley.

I fucked up at work the other day while pricing some movies and got written up. My mistake pissed me off to no end, and it still does. I need to clear my head and pay closer attention to what I'm doing. Everytime I think I'm improving, I fuck up again. It's appalling and I know I can do better and I will. I must. I enjoy my job and I want to do my very best at all times and these incidents in the past have made me realize to focus on every endeavor I undertake. you hear that? It's the Firefly DVD set begging me to finish it. I know I need to, but then I fear I'll get all sad after I've viewed the supplements and heard the commentaries. At least until the movie version, Serenity, hits theatres next April.

Also waiting for me on TiVo is the Smallville season premiere, the Veronica Mars series premiere, the Joan of Arcadia season premiere, and the first two episodes of Jack & Bobby. This adds to the long-in-need-of-viewing USA miniseries The 4400 and Traffic The Miniseries. I finally deleted Wonderfalls. CBS's Clubhouse debuts tonight and it looks to be just the thing for those of us who are saacharin-deprived.

For such a movie geek, my lame-ass spends far too much time on here and not enough watch the criminally insane amount of movies I've amassed. It's tre uncool. Silly Jason, go watch them sometime! That's what they're there for. I'm weird like that. Le sigh.

Remember, this October...

Also, for a creepy unofficial website for the upcoming horror movie Saw (it positions itself as the killer's website, with a message board frequented by The Jigsaw Killer of the movie, who posts in cryptic talk) -

So Nader the egocentric will be on Florida's ballot now that Jeb "Haven't Met An Election I Didn't Help Fix" Bush overstepped his boundaries. Our good old ally in the trenches, Daily Kos, has put this whole Nader thing into perspective at

I'm a little behind but the season finale of Entourage was well-written and hilarious. The Scarlett Johansson cameo at the end was priceless. I can't wait for this series to return and urge you to watch it if you haven't. Hopefully a DVD release isn't that far off.

I need to catch up with Dead Like Me on OnDemand and will shortly.

Air America will be landing in San Francisco this week, with new stations slated in the coming weeks.

Well, after stunting with bizarre animal, human, and electronic noises, Cumulus's lame-duck Urban Adult Contemporary V103.9 - Savannah's Soul and Inspiration Station! flipped on Friday to Oldies as Cool 103.9 - Good Times & Great Oldies! Yawn. Triad's heritage Oldies station, Oldies 98.3, does gangbusters, so I don't see Cumulus's reasoning. However, their morning guy, Hoyle Dempsey, is apparently a radio legend. He worked at the legendary Top 40 WAPE in Jacksonville (The Big Ape) for over 30 years. So it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. No website for Cool 103.9 just yet.

Remember for all of the corrections to the conservative misinformation out there, head over to

Bill O'Reilly will have the Liar on (Bush, I mean) this week. He'll probably be conducting the interview from his lap, with sweet nuzzling and cooing throughout.

And here's hoping Shaun Of The Dead opens here this weekend.

USA Network has their 21st-century retelling of Frankenstein coming up on October 10th. It was written by Dean Koontz and paints Frankenstein as the monster. I'll be watching because Parker Posey is the lead actress.

Meanwhile Hallmark Channel has their own Frankenstein set to debut October 5th. The wonderful Julie Delpy is in this one, albeit as Dr. Frankenstein's mother.

I'm going to tout Matt Caracappa's site X-Entertainment again. I did it earlier on on this blog, but now it's all loaded with a seasonal Halloween layout. It's your one-stop shop for '80s kitsch, cheesy movie reviews, candy reviews, lame board games from 1983 reviews, and alot more. Right now he's doing his annual daily Halloween-themed food item/Halloween prop/Halloween-theme movie review. There may be a new article in there as well. All of this and more can be found (as well as hours upon hours spent) at

Well, I've got to go clean up the kitchen (maybe that was the dishwasher calling me after all). Hopefully our power will stay on throughout this whole Tropical Storm Jeanne ordeal and I'll blog later. I'll try not to wait a week again. Have a good one!


Sunday, September 19, 2004

Fuck The Sopranos...

...and The West Wing and Frasier and Friends and Sex and the City and all of those other bullshit shows who don't deserve a goddamn thing and get nominated over and over and over and over again each FUCKING year at the Emmys. It's insipid banality! Give it to Amber Tamblyn for her terrific work in Joan of Arcadia, hell even Jennifer Garner for Alias. At least Arrested Development has won two Emmys ("Best Writing", "Best Directing"), the same for the excellent, dead-on comedic gold that *IS* The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I hope Arrested Development wins Best Comedy Series, but lameness permeates the Emmys every year so they won't. But hopefully the vast critical acclaim and two Emmy wins tonight will give FOX pause and the show will be with us for many years to come. It is without a doubt the funniest series on television, bar none.

*YAWN* Oh sorry, Sarah Jessica Parker just won an Emmy. I was so enamored my jaw unhinged, I guess.

Anyway, let's see what's going on, shall we?

Macaulay Culkin Arrested

My mother and I went out to eat at the just-opened-in-Savannah Mall Texas Roadhouse last week; basically a cheaper version of Logan's Roadhouse. Pretty damn good food. And Target opens on October 5th! Yay! A few days later, we ate at go fish, a local semi-classy seafood restaurant. We both had the tilappia. It was encrusted with a breading that made it not taste like fish and it was topped with sliced strawberries, served on the side with a wonderful Frangelico sauce. Now we don't eat out alot so don't go thinking that we're nomadic restaurant-goers. But the food was enticing and terrific.

I saw Before Sunset Thursday and Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow tonight. Before Sunset was wonderful, a beautiful, lyrical poem that expands on the original film and yet manages to be its own entity. Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow was a total and utter blast. It makes you feel like you're ten years old again and fills you with an incredible sense of wonder. Halfway through you go, "Wait a minute! These sets are CGI!" At least if you're not a cynic you will. It was a breathtaking adventure and a truly original movie. If you have any imagination and love a good thrill-ride, then please go see this movie. Four stars all the way.

TV unveils its Fall 2004 season a bit more this week:


CBS premieres the Jason Alexander-starrer Listen Up

UPN premieres the sitcom Second Time Around


ABC premieres the sitcom Rodney

UPN premieres the dramedy Veronica Mars (which I'm looking forward to)


ABC premieres the J.J. Abrams (Alias) series Lost

The WB premieres The Mountain

My dilemma: Should I TiVo Smallville's season premiere or Lost? Decisions, decisions...




ABC premieres the Mel Gibson-produced sitcom Complete Savages

And Joan of Arcadia returns for its second season! I'm looking forward to seeing how Grace and Joan's brother are dealing with their new relationship.

Other series I'm looking forward to: FOX's House (about a doctor and his staff of dysfunctional aides), Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's American Dad, NBC's thriller with Patricial Arquette, Medium. FOX's The Inside and Jonny Zero seem cool and there are a few others I've got my eye on.

*AWESOME* Emmy news!!! Arrested Development won "Outstanding Comedy Series"!!! Take that, overhyped lameness like Will & Grace and Sex and the City!!!!!

This week's DVD releases include Mean Girls starring the breathtaking Lindsay Lohan (which the brilliant Tina Fey of SNL fame wrote), Jim Jarmusch's indie film Coffee And Cigarettes (which I need to watch the screener DVD of soon), and the DVD premiere of the butchered Star Wars Trilogy. Thanks but no thanks, Bearded Flannel Man! I'll keep my 1995 THX-remastered VHS versions! Ass...

This weekend at the cinemas, Julianne Moore struggles to figure out why everyone around her says that she has no son and why soon after this startling revelation even her husband cannot remember her. The movie is The Forgotten and I hope it's a great start to the fall movie season. And then there's this little gem from the UK that I've been dying (no pun intended) to see...

I CANNOT WAIT for this movie! This will be the first release by Rogue Pictures, the new genre arm of Universal's indie arm Focus Features. ( Their second release will be another film I'm looking forward to, Seed Of Chucky. How can you not like these movies? And John Waters plays a sleazy paparazzi? C'mon, you know you're there!

Shaun Of The Dead -

Seed Of Chucky -

October 1st brings us David O. Russell (Three Kings)'s
I Heart Huckabees. It stars Jude Law (who's in 75 movie this fall and winter), Mark Wahlberg, Jason Schwartzmann, Naomi Watts, Lily Tomlin, and Dustin Hoffman. It's a darkly comedic tale about existentialism and thus will only be enjoyed by seven people like myself. But I can't wait.

The date also sees the release of DreamWorks Animation's
Shark Tale. It looks funny.

John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix in Touchstone's Ladder 49 looks more like a rental for me.

October 8th

Taxi - a remake of a very popular comedic French action film. Luc Besson had his hand in the original and the only reason I'm interested is because Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant wrote it. If you've never seen MTV's late, lamented, hilarious sketch comedy show from '94,
The State, then by all means head over to and educate yo ass!

Stage Beauty stars Claire Danes and Billy Crudup. It only opens in New York but it looks interesting.

October 15th

Team America: World Police is more inspired lunacy from the creators of South Park. It's a political satire, an action movie satire, and it's all filmed with marionette puppets. I'm looking forward to! a liberal that can laugh at jokes aimed at his viewpoint! Amazing! (A mustard-stained Michael Moore puppet is but one of the celebs they poke fun at.)

The Final Cut stars Robin Williams. Set in a time when people can opt to receive an implant which will record their entire lives, Alan Hakman (Williams) is a "cutter" -- a video editor who compiles the memories of the deceased. On his latest assignment, he finds information about his own life that puts him in danger. Sounds interesting and I'm glad he's still in drama mode. The last thing we need is more comedies from him.

Eulogy (limited release) - Three generations of a wacky family come together for the funeral of their patriarch (Torn), whereupon a laundry list of secrets and lies comes to the surface.

Stephen King's Riding The Bullet (limited release) - October 31, 1969: College student Alan Parker (Jackson) looks to hitch a ride to go see his dying mother (Hershey) in the hospital. A '58 Plymouth Fury, driven by a stranger with a link to Parker's youth, stops to pick him up.

October 22nd

Surviving Christmas - Depressed record exec Drew Lathem (Affleck), recently dumped by his girl just before Christmas, returns to his family home and asks the family who now lives there to take him in for the holidays. Little does he know that the family's mental state is much more unstable than his ... Production problems aside, I hope this is a black comedy for the holidays. I fear that Christmas With The Kranks will be as lame and watered down as it seems from its inital trailer, but perfect for viewing on tbs.

The Grudge - An American nurse (Gellar) living and working in Tokyo is exposed to a mystery virus, one that locks a person in a powerful rage before claiming their life and spreading to another victim. This remake of the popular Japanese horror film Ju-On: The Grudge (complete with the same director) looks spooky enough and this will be Sarah Michelle Gellar's first lead film role. With Sam Raimi producing, I'm eager to see what's creeping about. However, I'd like to see the original first. Sorry, just a habit of mine.

Alfie - Jude Law takes on Michael Caine's iconic role as a ladies man. The dapper bachelor has the single women of New York all in a tither but his playboy days may be behind him when one of his many girlfriends winds up pregnant. Once again, I'd like to see the original. Charles Shyer makes his big-budget return to the cinemas and we'll see if he can surpass the haul his ex-wife (Nancy Meyers) got for What Women Want.

The Machinist - Head on over to Take a look at the trailer. Be amazed at Christian Bale's weight loss for this role. Prepare for a creepy night at the movies.

Undertow - If you're tired of lame movies about love and romance, then by all means check out David Gordon Green's All The Real Girls. It is a breathless, warm, cold, utterly aching film with amazing work by Zooey Deschanel. Green returns with this set-in-the-South tale (filmed right here in Savannah) about two brothers fleeing their crazy uncle. Plus Shiri Appleby!

October 29th

Saw - If you love horror movies, get your tickets promptly. Advance word is this is an utterly fucked-up movie: With a dead body laying between them, two men (Leigh Whannell and Cary Elwes) wake up in the secure lair of a serial killer who's been nicknamed "Jigsaw" by the police because of his unusual calling card. Danny Glover co-stars as a beleaguered detective. Check out the trailers at or visit the official website (I hate the official film websites that only consist of "click here for more Shockwave and Flash animation"; give me *some* substance! I got halfway through and couldn't advance any further! If anyone has any details, let me know!) at

And remember, if you need any Firefly or Serenity goodness, then surf on over to or You'll be glad you did.

Alright, time to hit the hay in a little bit. Nite all and hopefully work won't be too taxing in the A.M.....