Thursday, January 26, 2006

a quite simple equation...

In one of the most unexpected developments in television history, the industry was given quite the shock yesterday. What shock, you may ask? One simple math problem...



CBS Corporation and Warner Bros. Entertainment Form New 5th Broadcast Network - The CW

The above article details it all. CBS Corporation will own 50% of The CW, Warner Bros. Entertainment will own the other 50%.

That's right. As of September UPN and The WB will be no more. I think that this is a *truly* stellar idea, as both networks were simply fighting for the same viewers and now they'll be able to successfully compete against the other four TV networks. Limited coverage for both UPN and The WB hindered the success of each network; The CW will be available in 95% of the country, making the new fifth network a much greater threat competition-wise to the other networks.

As for programming, thankfully Veronica Mars and Supernatural have made the cut; nothing's formal yet but all press releases tout that both shows will be on The CW. And with gilmore girls rumored to be airing before Veronica Mars, I think Veronica Mars will finally get the audience it's been desperately needing.

I'm really happy and excited about this development and hope to see some really cool shows when The CW unveils its Fall 2006 lineup at the upfronts this May.

Tribune Broadcasting-owned WB stations will become affiliates of The CW; other cities that have CBS Corporation-owned UPN affiliates will become affiliates of The CW.

As for my city, we have via our cable provider Comcast WBVH WB 15 (Channel 15 on cable), a part of The WB 100+ (a cable-only WB station provided for TV markets below #100. It's through a contract between the local cable company and Time Warner). We also have WGSA/UPN 34 (cable channel 13), a low-power UPN affiliate. It started out as WUBI, an affiliate of The WB until early 1997. Now with the creation of The CW, I have little doubt that WGSA will become an independent station. I just hope that they don't recant their UPN affiliation before September, as I need my "Veronica Mars" fix. When they do go indie, I hope they'll play cool movies. So yeah, I think The WB 100+ will just become The CW 100+.

As far as the future, I have DIRECTV and as such, will receive The CW via Tribune's WBZL out of Miami come September.

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