Sunday, August 06, 2006 horror thirst is slaked...

Much has been written of director Neil Marshall's (Dog Soldiers) latest film, that it's a return to form for the often-maligned medium known as horror films and that The Descent is a taut exercise in claustrophobia. I can't wait to find out at 5 o'clock today. An employee of the theatre I'll be seeing it at came into work tonight (I worked 5-close Saturday) and said that he felt like he needed an oxygen tank afterwards, as the film was intense. Now that's a rave review.

I'm off today.

The Scoop review is forthcoming and I'll try to tackle Eureka ASAP as well.

Over at Markos and the gang have really done a bang-up job at following the Connecticut Senate race. I hope Ned Lamont receives the Democratic nomination but I'm afraid Joe "I'm a lobbyist whore who should register as a Republican" Lieberman might garner some muster. Even if he loses the bid, the asshole that Lieberman is plans to run as an Independent, effectively hurting the Democrats in the fall midterm elections. Check out Matt Taibbi's latest "Road Rage" article in this newest issue of Rolling Stone; it's a kick-ass piece that details why Lieberman is a totally clueless fuckhead who's only in it for himself and his inside-the-Beltway lobbyist sugar daddies...

Lieberman: Bush's Favorite Democrat

And now it's bedtime, for I'll not sleep the day away yet again.

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