Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tonight history was made with the birth of.....

At 8PM Eastern tonight, television history was made. The merger between The WB and UPN became official. Both networks had been losing money and therefore decided to unite to garner a larger audience and actually make money. In my humble opinion the best series on the network are Supernatural and Veronica Mars and I'm looking forward to Runaway, which debuts Monday at 9PM on The CW. It stars Donnie Wahlberg as a man who takes his family on the run after he's framed for murder. I think The CW will do well and it'll be interesting to see just how their ratings do now that they'll have bigger and better market saturation and thus will be able to reach more viewers.

For all things related to The CW, head over to their official website at

Locally here in Savannah, Georgia, we'll be getting The CW via WGSA. WGSA began life as an independent, then was an affiliate of The WB from 1996-early 1997 as WUBI (WB 34). It then switched affiliations to UPN as UPN 13 and is now known as CW 13. Their website, which they never had before - ever - is now online. As of now it's just the official website of The CW with WGSA's logo as a border. I hope that changes. If not oh well but it'd be cool. Click the logo for WGSA CW 13 to see what I mean.

More later as always. I've yet to watch CBS's new offerings, Jericho and Smith. James Woods's new series Shark debuts tomorrow on CBS. Plus I have some lovely TiVo to get through and I'd like to take a crack at finally watching Eureka as I have 10 episodes of that stockpiled.

I have Blood (UK vampire-type movie about a girl with narcotic blood - you taste it you're addicted) and Hard Candy (teenage girl turns the tables on a potential pedophile) on the way from Netflix. Google them for further info. I tried to get The Proposition, a gritty, trippy Western written and scored by musician Nick Cave and starring Guy Pearce but they skipped it and sent Blood . There must have been a short wait while I slept, as there wasn't when I compiled the list initially. I also need to get Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5 (the second half of Season 2, of course) as I've been giving my mother a crash course in the series to prepare her for Season 3's debut on October 6th. There was a short wait for Disc One so I reordered my queue as they would have sent Disc Two if One was not available. I also need to watch the 1959 French film Pickpocket and mail that back to Netflix ASAP.

As for work, we're going corporate as of Monday. I will now be able to watch films before they street - but I will wait to see how well their indie and arthouse rental selections are before I cancel my Netflix subscription. We got three rows of The Proposition and while some think that buy was still made by the franchise, I doubt it, as as a franchise-owned location, our arthouse/indie fare never warranted three rows, except for Friends With Money.

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