Friday, April 01, 2005

Congrats to everyone at Air America Radio as the first liberal talk radio network celebrated its first year of existence yesterday! Yay! I'm currently listening to

and then I will finish watching the highly anticipated HBO America Undercover documentary Left Of The Dial: The Rise, Fall, & Resurrection of Air America Radio. As the title suggests, it brings you the tale of AAR's launch, almost failure, and then triumphant rise and resurgence.

It is awesomely in-depth from what I've seen and it's heartbreaking seeing the evil slime that is Evan Cohen act like he's *the* man when we all know what a sheister he is.

I look forward to finishing it later this weekend.

Well, we took back those crappy "orthopedic" inserts to that foot place. They hurt horribly bad. I tried some Dr. Scholl's Gel Inserts this week. No dice. I think the floor at my job is made of demonic tile. It hates me and my feet and I have no clue why. So said floor is the reason why I yet again woke up at 3:30 this morning with left ankle pain. Yes, I've been up since 3:30AM. A nap may be in my future today.

I have decided to grace the cyber ether with a movie review sometime this weekend. And if this post to the blog doesn't post seven thousand copies of itself, I'll be a happy man.

Many fans of the Air America show Unfiltered are/were upset at that show's cancellation. Its final show was yesterday. As of today, a new show will take its place...

Jerry Springer has taken the helm for Air America's 9AM-12PM slot. Springer's radio show started earlier this year and has aired on several Clear Channel-owned Air America affiliates. Springer's show originates from WCKY-AM in Cincinatti. Now, while you may think that blue-haired yokels with marital problems will litter this show, worry not. It's a 180 from the zoo-like atmosphere of his talk show. Springer On The Radio is interesting, intelligent, and well-informed. Jerry's a passionate progressive who takes no prisoners and pulls no punches. Sure it may sound like I'm spouting off PR nonsense, but give him a try. I welcome him to Air America Radio and wish him much luck.

Another thing that surprises me is that the fans of Unfiltered can't see the forest for the trees. Unfiltered was on less than HALF of Air America's affiliates, as Clear Channel opted to run either Stephanie Miller's show (very funny) or Springer On The Radio. For whatever reason, Unfiltered never caught fire. Air America Radio is a great progressive voice but one must also remember that it is a business and all liberals should want it to succeed. You can't keep a show on the air that's not getting clearance. Springer, for good or bad, will bring name recognition to the show and perhaps even coax some of his talk show's fans to radio for a listen. Don't fret for Unfiltered hosts Rachel Maddow and Chuck D. They'll be getting their own shows soon. The Rachel Maddow Show will begin on either April 11th and it will air weekday mornings at 5AM-6AM. Congrats to Rachel and I look forward to hearing the show, even if I have to download it from Air America Place! Heck, I might just get up early to give a listen! Plus, this is even better news for her and the die-hard Unfiltered fans as the early show time virtually guarantees clearance on all of Air America's affiliates.

So good work Air America and keep up keeping up. You're awesome in all your ways.

Currently housed on TiVo are the series premiere of ABC's Eyes starring Tim Daly as a corporate spy-for-hire, the two-hour premiere of USA's new Kojak series, and eight episodes of the always kick-ass Battlestar Galactica.

And yes I will be seeing Sin City sometime this weekend, mark my words here people. I am so geeked out for this movie it's hard to articulate.

Good luck to Harvey & Bob Weinstein as they begin their own, brand-new multimedia company. If anyone can do it, those two can. Some start-up money will be financed by Robert Redford and Paul Newman, plus investment firms like Goldman Sachs. Kevin Smith's next film, the Clerks sequel The Passion Of The Clerks, will be released by this new company tenatively titled The New Co. The first film to be released by The Weinstein's new entity will apparently be an NC-17, unedited stitching together of both Kill Bill films entitled Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. That'll rock, no doubt.

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