Thursday, August 18, 2005

the fourth day is ending...


Weird, huh?

For those not in the area, that's the website for Clear Channel's Urban station WQBT-FM (94.1 The Beat) here in Savannah. They're teasing on the air that "changes are coming" on the 22nd. I was hoping that it would be a format flip...perhaps JACK-FM (officially), alternative rock, or progressive talk. However I truly believe that it's simply going to be a renaming of the station with a new morning show out of New York (Star and BucWild). I find this just sad. C'mon! Savannah radio needs to be shaken to its core. I'd love to be proven wrong.

From work I procured AVery Long Engagement and Prozac Nation. I anticipate viewing them. Netflix is sending me the psychological British thriller Enduring Love. I've heard great things.

I must work from 6-10 tomorrow night. Yes, the floor. But we've already been shopped this month so it shouldn't be too bad.

I am more than likely going to see The 40 Year Old Virgin Saturday with a co-worker and her husband. Wow, me with some semblance of a social life! Weird, huh?

TiVo has amassed a bountiful harvest of television nirvana for me to feast upon. There's a whole assortment of goodies from three episodes of Battlestar Galactica to two of Entourage to movies and more. I must get to watching them ASAP.

And now my little commentary...

I state emplicitly that I am a film fan. I love the cinema and all of its charms therein. I must start behaving as such. I must commit myself fully towards this artistic medium. Far too often, I'll just watch television or spend time on here, scanning the depths of the Internet for any and everything I can get, having exhausted my usual haunts. I do this instead of watching a film. It is utterly appalling and I must rectify this, post haste lest I become a shame to my film geek badge. I do solemnly swear to make good on this. Therefore, I WILL view a film this weekend, perhaps two and then post extensive reviews on said titles. Keep your eyes peeled for I am cinema savvy...hear me roar!

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