Monday, June 05, 2006

and so it goes...

Well, let's face facts.

I could post the Fall 2006 TV schedules. But I'd just be regurgitating the various press releases available on numerous entertainment websites. Suffice it to say, I'll be sampling all of this fall's television offerings and offering my opinion as always.

This summer, there's a small amount of stuff to watch. USA Network will bring back its original series The 4400, SCI FI will debut Eureka, a new original series about a secret town, hidden by the government, that houses the most brilliant among us. Other new series include TNT's new offerings, Nightmares & Dreamscapes - From The Stories Of Stephen King and Saved
(about paramedics).

USA Network adds another notch in its "Characters Welcome" positioning statement with
about a guy who pretends to be a psychic while working for a police department.

NBC's offering up the drama Windfall about a large group of friends who play the lottery and realize they must share the prize money.

NBC will also offer "webisodes" of The Office on

But what I'm most excited about this summer is...

Yep, Blade: The Series. It will debut with a two-hour pilot on June 28th at 10PM. The channel is SPIKE.

David S. Goyer, writer of all three Blade films and director of Blade: Trinity, serves as head writer and an executive producer of Blade: The Series. Kirk Jones, best known as "Sticky Fingaz" from the rap group Onyx, takes the role of Blade over from Wesley Snipes. I have faith in Goyer, as I'm a huge fan of his (hey, he co-wrote Dark City and co-wrote Batman Begins) and I'm quite anxious to see what he does with the material. Plus, I love the angle of one of the characters (Krista Starr played by Jill Wagner) - her brother was killed by the leader of a particular clan of vampires. Krista seeks vengeance but the vamp leader captures her and has her turned. Now, although she's become the very thing she hates, she teams up with Blade to help him fight the vampires.

The series has been sending out cryptic messages, in character, from one of the vampire clans - the House of Chthon. Their website is at and it's pretty cool the way they're treating the viral marketing so far. The official website for Blade: The Series is at Nothing's there just yet, save for a trailer for the series.

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