Monday, June 26, 2006

sorry about the delay...

Head on over to for really lively discussion of all things horror. You see those astute readers out there may remember my geeky ramblings about The Horror Channel. Click here to revisit them.

Well last weekend, the entire writing staff and tech team from bolted, in a sign of no confidence to the CEO, Nicholas Psaltos. They'd been strung along under false pretenses about where the channel was going. The CEO wants the "channel" to be broadband, online only, and freaked out when rumors started swirling. He fired a gentleman who goes by the board name Uncle Creepy and with that firing, the entire web staff resigned in a show of solidarity. So the news, review, and message board section of the site is back in the hands of Dread Central, the site that merged with THC a while back. It's a really nice atmosphere, with really cool people with wicked senses of humor.

I also have a Myspace page now --
Don't worry the eleven nobodies that read this site -- my blog's not going anywhere.

I saw The Hills Have Eyes, Kairo (Pulse), Night Watch, and Transamerica recently. All were very good. Kairo will be released as an American remake by The Weinstein Company this September, starring Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame.

Up next on the 'ol Netflix queue: Intruder, a slasher flick from 1988 co-starring Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell, I, Madman, about a girl who loves pulp novels and then her life starts mirroring the latest one she's read, and Alone In The Dark, a Jack Sholder-directed horror film about inmates in an asylum and their doctor. The lights go out and mayhem stars Donald Pleasance, Martin Landau, and Jack Palance.

As usual, TiVo is stuffed to the gills....*really stuffed*

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