Friday, September 30, 2005


It has finally arrived!!!

Serenity - In Theaters Nationwide!

All of the waiting is over as Joss Whedon's directorial debut, a feature-film adaptation of his cancelled 2002 FOX television series Firefly is resurrected on the big screen today nationwide as a Big Damn Movie called Serenity.

Are we ready?

We've poured every ounce of energy we have into bringing new Browncoats into the fold. Now is the time we reap the rewards we so richly deserve. But we mustn't rest on our laurels. Joss is counting on us to return in droves next weekend and we WILL. We bought the DVDs en masse, we made alot of converts...and I converted yet *another* person at work today; a girl returned Firefly then told me she'd just bought the DVD set at Media Play; yet another said she and her husband couldn't wait to see the movie. Then someone called and asked if we had Firefly in for rent. Guess what? It had already been checked out by one of our regulars mere minutes after it'd come in. I feel something growing here folks...

But I digress.

In 2002, Joss Whedon didn't just create a new television series. He created something alive and tangible, a cold splash of water in the face of what sci-fi had become: staid, tired, and predictable. This 'Verse lives and breathes. It brings us all together.

We rose from the ashes like a metaphorical phoenix, dusted ourselves off and did not go quietly into that good night (to steal a line from a really famous person) when FOX lopped us off at the knees. We were steadfast and resolute. Joss was just as dedicated, if not more so.

Now we have our BDM and I feel like it's the night before Christmas. Is anyone else on pins and needles?

To Universal - you are a shining light in a sea of low-watt bulbs. Mary Parent and Scott Stuber, you're both amazing. You saw that Joss's track record speaks volumes and did something other studios get scared to do: you took a chance. So to one of Hollywood's oldest movie studios, I say thank you a million times over.

To the cast - thank you for bringing to life some of the most brilliantly realized characters I've ever seen in any medium. True Joss's writing is lyrical magic but there are horrible ways to screw up brilliant dialogue. Thankfully, each cast member added their own special touches and flourishes on Firefly to make their character uniquely original. To all of you, please realize that the devotion of all of us faithful goes above and beyond --whatever future projects arise, we will support you. BTW, good luck with Slither in January, Nathan! :)

And finally to Joss - I saw Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the theater in 1992. Yes, I did and I enjoyed it for what I thought it was, not realizing it had been severely truncated. Looking back, I'd have liked to have seen your version on the big screen. Little did I know that it would become one of the best television series ever. I loved Angel as well. Firefly is the icing on the icing-covered dessert thing. Thank you immensely for this. You create worlds, characters, and dialogue that stir the imagination and awaken the soul. A million and five thank yous, sir, for all that you've done, for all of us.

As for our BDM, I'm seeing it at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, then again at 4:10. I'll be seeing it several more times this weekend also, then back again next weekend.

It's our time. This is our very shiny moment.

Fellow Browncoats, let's soar!

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