Friday, September 23, 2005

our story begins...

Less than one week until the BDM comes out! Woo-hoo! I'll be residing at the movie theater for the two weeks or more following! I hope you all enjoy Serenity. I can't wait! After years of waiting, the wonderful world of Whedon will hit the big screen in a big way next Friday.

So, I have a new schedule at work. I will be working 4-close Tuesdays-Thursdays starting in two weeks. I already worked this schedule this week but will work my old schedule of 9-6 Monday-Thursday as our manager will be in Memphis at the annual store manager conference all week.

Last night was interesting. An A/C technician came out to work on one of the store's units. He was there for about 45 minutes. He said that he'd restarted the system and that he couldn't get on the roof to inspect it as it was wet from rain that had fallen earlier in the evening.

So I sign his invoice, stamp it, and on his way he goes. All is well until about an hour later, when the store short circuits. Basically four out of the five computers went out, half of the store's lights dimmed and half of the televisions went out. So after being unable to contact the store manager and telling our senior assistant manager, we closed at 9PM in order to call computer support and figure out what was going on.

There was no power going to the outlet in which the affected computers were located. We tried turning off and on the circuit breakers as usual, but all that did was knock out the one working computer. So we were given another number and the service rep said they'd said someone out immediately. Our senior assistant manager was there by then. The electrician came 30 minutes later and long story short said that there was a blown 150 amp circuit breaker. One of these can power a whole house, by the way. He had to leave and drive almost an hour back to his office to get two (in case one blew) replacements. So we whiled away the time watching Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story in the store as UPS had delivered our rental product for next Tuesday earlier that evening. The movie is very, very, funny but not as funny as I'd hoped. It's still worth a rental as many jokes will have you in tears.

Anyway, the electrician came back about an hour and fifteen minutes later. He replaced the part (with a 200 amp circuit) and said that there might be a blown compressor in one of our A/C units. I mentioned the malfunction we'd had with the unit a month ago. He said that that was probably the issue and that the A/C tech must have overloaded the circuit by recharging the unit. Before leaving he said he'd be back today with the normal 150 amp part. So we checked in all of the movies, ran the majority of them as our senior AM got the deposit squared away, and amscrayed. We left the store at about 1:15 this morning. I called the senior AM today and he said that the electrician had been by before the store opened.

That was my Thursday night and early Friday morning! ;)

In other news, I'm going crazy as I have to schedule TiVo to record various shows and then set up the VCR in the living room to record others...on the same damn night, no less! What's with these networks, huh? Scheduling kick-ass shows on the same night and time?! It boggles the mind.

And we have our first official cancellation of the Fall 2005 TV season, folks!

FOX's 'Head Cases' First On The Chopping Block

And for the record, I am a huge fan of Adam Goldberg...and his girlfriend Christina Ricci. I tried the pilot and it just didn't gel in my opinion. The incredible erosion of the audience it garnered sealed its fate.

Tonight CBS trots out Jennifer Love Hewitt as the....

Ghost Whisperer

Advance word isn't good and likens this to Medium with tinkly piano music and no ghosts helping solve crimes. I'll still TiVo it though. I'm a fall TV completist, except in the case of NBC's new drama that premieres tonight. It conflicts with the TiVo-ing of Battlestar Galactica.

Fox unveils its latest entry into the crowded crime procedural genre with the formerly titled The Gate and then the awesomely titled Deviant Behavior. It's now called...

The series deals with the cases of the Deviant Behavior Unit of the San Francisco Police Department. My future wife Marguerite Moreau was fired after the pilot and Kristen Lehmann replaces her in episode two. I hope the series is good but I'm still pissed about them firing Moreau. At least the always awesome Chi McBride is in this.

Tonight's episode deals with a man releasing spiders into women's apartments who bite the women. The spider bites carry a paralyzing toxin, thus the women can't move. The man then rapes and murders these women.

At 10PM tonight, NBC unveils its new fertility clinic drama, Inconceivable. I can hear the keyboard and pen clicks of various red-staters now. The critical word on this is, despite the solid presence of Ming Na, this show isn't that good. And if you're an Alfre Woodard fan, don't get too attached: she's only in the pilot. Remember, she's the newest resident of Wisteria Lane now.

And my new Friday night series is the great-to-munch-popcorn-while-you-watch Threshold on CBS at 9PM. It's incredibly good and I hope Brannon Braga and David S. Goyer can keep the momentum going.

Sunday night the genius that is Ricky Gervais will invade HBO as his new series Extras debuts. I can't wait.

I also have NBC's blockbuster new comedy My Name Is Earl and the second season premiere of The Office to TiVo later this weekend. Ah, how I love corporate synergy! It allows me to TiVo repurposed shows to fit my schedule (i.e. the aforementioned shows on Bravo, NBC's new sci-fi series from The Pate Brothers, Surface, on SCI FI).

As far as the Emmys

Click Here for all of my thoughts.


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