Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tonight's the night...



Comedy Series - I want Arrested Development to win. But Desperate Housewives will be the belle of the ball and sweep everything that's not nailed down. Oh's a great show also.

Actor In A Comedy - Jason Bateman. As the head-strong head of his family, it's due time Hollywood recognized the perfect comedic timing of this very underused actor.

Actress In A Comedy - Alot of people think the ladies of Wisteria Lane will cancel each other out; I beg to differ. This is Teri Hatcher's award as she's done her TV duty. She deserves it.

Supporting Actor In A Comedy - Jeffrey Tambor is awesome, but Jeremy Piven is my pick and the winner. He embued Entourage with its snarky heart and tenaciously outward venom. He was truly stellar.

Supporting Actress In A Comedy - Jessica Walter. As the matriach of the criminally clueless Bluth family (save son Michael), Walter is pitch perfect as the always soused Lucille. But again, mediocrity will give this one to Doris Roberts.

Directing For A Comedy Series - I was torn on this. But after seeing which episodes were nominated, I must cast my lot for Desperate Housewives. It did what a pilot should do, introduce its characters, give a taste of what's to come, and closed on an "What the hell's going to happen next moment", all brilliantly lensed by Charles McDougall. I think it will win the Emmy.

Writing For A Comedy Series - Arrested Development is again, brilliant. But as previously stated, Desperate Housewives was last season's breakout smash and will garner another Emmy here, for Marc Cherry's dark and delicious pilot episode.

Drama Series - Could it be? Could this be 24's year for Emmy gold? I certainly hope so, as last season was the best so far. I can't wait for Season Five in January. Sci-fi is never given respect at the Emmys, so the foul-mouthed denziens of David Milch's Deadwood will pick up the award.

Actor In A Drama
- Ooh. Tough contest here. Hugh Laurie deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of the brilliant yet tortured Dr. Gregory House. Kiefer was excellent on 24, as was James Spader's cool as a cucumber Alan Shore on Boston Legal, but Ian McShane will add to his Golden Globe win with another accolade for his mantlepiece.

Actress In A Drama - Patricia Arquette brought humanity and soul to a role that could have seem phoned in. Add in Glenn Gordon Caron's well-written scripts and that makes Medium one of TV's must-see shows. But Glenn Close's well-publicized turn on FX's The Shield shall win this one.

Supporting Actor In A Drama - The guys of Lost were wonderful and I've always been a fan of Terry O'Quinn's ever since The Stepfather. Alan Alda might be the spoiler here, but I expect Shatner to take home his second Emmy here.

Supporting Actress In A Drama - CCH Pounder has been a film and television stalwart so she'll garner the gold for her role on The Shield. I have no pick in this category as I've not seen any of the shows these actresses are nominated for.

Directing For A Drama Series - C'mon, Quentin delivered a pulse-pounding two-part CSI season finale and we'd all like to see his bountiful energy on stage. The king of kinetic will walk away with this one.

Writing For A Drama Series - Lost's pilot did a masterful job laying out its premise. But Hugh Laurie took David Shore's words and delivered one of the very best performances I've ever seen, on television or film, in the closing minutes of the episode that's nominated, "Three Stories". He'll get it.

Miniseries - The 4400 was great but this will be a toss-up between HBO's Empire Falls and CBS's Elvis.

Made For Television Movie
- Ricky Gervais's genius finale to his genius series, The Office Special, will get Emmy gold tonight.

Directing For A TV Movie or Miniseries - Stephen Hopkins will reel in the award for bringing to life the world of one of the funniest men to ever live.

Writing For A TV Movie or Miniseries - Again, Ricky Gervais will (and should) win for writing some of the best television that has ever been seen.

Variety/Music/Comedy Series - The laser-like focus of the astute writers of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will win for their dead-on accuracy and ability to skewer all of the pretensions of the politcs. This show has replaced America's late-night news for the better, and we all know it.

Directing For A Variety/Music/Comedy - The Daily Show

Reality/Competition Program - N/A. I don't watch these types of programs. I think The Apprentice will get this, although don't count out the lameness that is American Idol.

Actor In A TV Movie or Miniseries -
Kenneth Branaugh's role as FDR will bring him the accolades of the Academy.

Actress In A TV Movie or Miniseries - Halle Berry might add to her Oscar with a win here. But I think Cynthia Nixon will win for Warm Springs.

Supporting Actor In A TV Movie/Miniseries - Paul Newman will win for Empire Falls.

Supporting Actress In A TV Movie/Miniseries - Kathy Bates will win for Warm Springs.

Performance In Variety/Music/Comedy - Jon Stewart, again, will win for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Writing For A Variety/Music/Comedy
- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will complete its domination with a win here, and it's justly deserved.

I'll have my post-Emmy thoughts tomorrow.


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