Sunday, July 02, 2006

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I've been living at lately. I've also been making good use of Netflix as of late and have been making an attempt at clearing space on TiVo by watching things in a timely manner. It's a work in progress, really, but it's better than nothing.

I just saw Spaced a little while ago. BBC America's been running it. It's from the minds of Simon Pegg and Jessica Stephenson. Pegg is best known for co-scripting the 2004 rom zom com (that's "romantic zombie comedy" for those uninitiated out there) Shaun Of The Dead and alot of the cast from that film is in Spaced. It's really funny and full of pop culture references. I saw the first three episodes and it airs Fridays at 11PM Eastern on BBC America.

I saw Superman Returns Friday afternoon. A review *is* forthcoming; suffice it to say that I loved this film and thought it was even better than the Donner films.

Blade: The Series debuted on Spike TV last Wednesday at 10PM Eastern. It's pretty good and I'm looking forward to where David S. Goyer and his team take this. Alot of print and online media trashed it but I think they'd already made their minds up that this wasn't the movies so by its very nature it is somehow inferior. No matter -- I loved it and the TiVo Season Pass is set. Blade: The Series also set a Spike TV viewership record, with 2.5 million viewers tuning in. It was also the #1 cable series last week with Men 18-34 and 18-49. I hope the viewer retention is huge from week to week. I want them to renew this sucker (no pun intended)

And since I've been in a vampire mood as of late, I ventured out to Barnes & Noble on Saturday with my mother. We procured the first three books in the Charlaine Harris "Dead/"Southern Vampire"/"Sookie Stackhouse" series...


I'm twenty pages removed from finishing the first and then I'll be diving right into the second one (during my lunch break; I have to work 9-5 today). Mrs. Harris's characterizations and flavor make for an excellent read.

More talk of the horror films I've viewed recently (thank you Netflix...they were quite good) and other exciting minutae will follow later today once I've returned from work...

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