Sunday, August 15, 2004

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I worked from 6-10 tonight and the evening was pretty uneventful. EXCEPT a girl that I'd wished I kept in contact with from high school (the only one who was cool and spoke her mind, in my opinion) came into the store and it was really great seeing her. She's at school in Statesboro now and only comes into Savannah on the weekends so we exchanged numbers and hopefully we can hang out from time to time. It's funny how high school makes people lose touch with one another. This story is extra cool because I was just wondering whatever happened to her the other day. It was wonderful to see her again and I look forward to catching up on old times. And yes, she reminded me that I'm smart and as such, I should be in school. I know this yet I can't force myself to go to college yet. Call me lazy, call me lame, but I still feel unready to commit myself.

Ladies and gentlemen, please set your video toasters to pick up the new episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force tomorrow night at 11PM Eastern on Cartoon Network.

Also, The Horror Channel launches on October 31st. I'd start pestering your cable company right about now. Another company called Blue Orchid Entertainment and movie producer Joel Silver are starting The Scream Channel, with Joe Bob Briggs as a consultant but that won't start until January 2005. The Horror Channel will have an advisory board of many directors, writers, and others of the genre. I just hope Comcast gets off their ass and adds it, pronto!

Today's Doonesbury. Kinda says it all, doesn't it folks?

Inside Clear Channel - It's a pretty good article.

Mad Dog - a FANTASTIC article on Bill O'Reilly from Rolling Stone

Well, it's time to go doze off to either Firefly or the 1953 Marilyn Monroe crime drama Niagara that TiVo has snagged for me off aMC. Nite all...


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