Sunday, August 22, 2004

Lameness begins again...

What's Old

Is New (I use that term VERYloosely)

Is Old Again

Music can be a creative, inspirational force in one's life. Goodness knows The Beatles helped me make it through the many isolated periods of high school I wandered aimlessly through. However, there is a difference between intelligent, well-made music and lame, overbearing crap. Or on the other hand, you've got the same twelve classic rock songs you've always heard. Yet here they are again, trotted out like you've never heard them before. If I'm sounding vague, I'm sorry. Here in Savannah we have had a rather lame new rock station - WFXH - Rock 106.1 - Savannah and Hilton Head's New Rock Station -

This wasn't always the case. We had a rather decent alternative, Wave 106.9. (It turned to Modern AC, then leapt over to 104.9 where it's actually a damn good Adult Album Alternative -;
106.9 is now a country station) 106.1 was a satellite-fed classic rocker ("Fox 106.1 - The Classic Rock Station").

In February 2001, WFXH flipped to Active Rock as "Rock 106.1 - The Only Station That Really Rocks!" Want to hear tons of Ozzy? You got it! Want the same seven Van Halen songs ad nauseum? Done! Well, WFXH flipped again in 2002 to the aforementioned new rock; now with the new ratings book out, Cumulus's lame-ass WIXV 95.5 ("I-95 - The Rock Of Savannah"- where you're never thirty seconds away from Molly Hatchet or Lynyrd Skynrd!'s like deep frying your radio, folks) and since I-95 apparently grew a few points, WFXH has decided to revert back to its rather lame Active Rock beginnings. What a crock! I'm looking forward to an actual format flip. A flip that makes you go, "Wow...I sure wasn't expecting that!" They can keep their overplayed Linkin Park & AC/DC. I'll stick with Wave 104.9. They're my only source of joy in this city's otherwise staid and lame radio roundabout.

Why the hell can't Triad Broadcasting just kill Star 103.1 - The '80s Channel ( It's barely registered in the ratings! Let's put Air America on there, folks! ( C'mon! Let's get some talk going. Anyway, there's my rant for the early AM, folks...take care and sleep tight. I need to get the hell off of this computer as I've been vegetating on this damn thing *ALL* day long. I need rest and TV to fall asleep to, so more blog at


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