Wednesday, February 09, 2005

middle of the week post is here for all to perouse...

So, Super Bowl XXXIX has come and gone and the Batman Begins spot is currently available at The best commercials were by AmeriQuest.

I'm listening to Mike Malloy on Air America Radio. He'll be filing in for Randi Rhodes on Mondays for the next few weeks as she deals with medical issues. I wish her a speedy recovery. Guest hosts have not been announced for the other days of the week.

Later I'm going to listen to the first part of today's Morning Sedition. I downloaded it from
Air America Place. It's got a blog, message board, and thousands of hours of Air America Radio programming archived for your pleasure. So do yourself a favor and jot over there!

A Very Long Engagement vacates Regal Cinemas's Savannah 10 this weekend so that the Will Smith/Eva Mendes romantic comedy Hitch can unspool in its hallowed halls. C'mon guys, can't you keep a critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated French film for more than a fucking week? Oh, that's right. I live in Savannah, Georgia. Oh well, DVD here I come, I guess. I do need to go see a movie sometime this weekend.

My left foot has been causing me severe pain as of late. I truly believe that it's my shoes. They're Reeboks and I've had them for a while but it's causing me to limp. I plan to get a new pair, with plenty of support for my always tired feet, ASAP. If that doesn't work then it's off to a podiatrist for me. At work all we have is carpet slapped violently onto a hard as hell tile floor. So nine hours a day and five days a week of standing on this monstrosity can cause one pain. I'll update you on this exciting endeavor.

God, I hate that asshole. Yet another reason why I'm so excited for Dean to take over as the head of the DNC. As I've stated before though he may be facing an uphill battle against evil neo-cons who'll throw eighteen kitchen sinks at him, he will not wilt or fade in the face of Republican smearings. He gives as good as he gets and we need him now more than ever. So keep your idiocy rolling, Monkey Boy. The Democrats are coming back in a big way. I'm doing my part and will be joining the DNC in the next few weeks.

And our last news from the political realm is the brilliance of the bloggers as they've exposed this guy Jeff Gannon. He worked for Talon News, which is just a front for a group called GOP USA, and was granted White House access. He was also allowed to see classified CIA information, including the infamous documents concerning undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame. His "news stories" were just cut-and-paste jobs from RNC talking points. Hit for more info on that. As the wonderful blog we all know and love The Daily Kos put it, "Why should we care about Jeff Gannon? A potential male prostitute gets White House credentials using a fake name, provides McClellan a welcome ideological lifeline during press conferences, and somehow gets access to classified CIA documents that outs an undercover CIA operative. Head on over to those blogs for the whole hoary deal.

Desperate Housewives - Sundays at 9PM Eastern - Only on ABC


I cannot stress the beauty and intricate nature, coupled with the darkly comedic writing, that makes Desperate Housewives such an amazing cannot-miss television series.

Veronica Mars is brilliant as well, with Kristen Bell a tour de force in the title role.

And in other great news...

Battlestar Galactica - A SCI FI Channel Original Series - Fridays at 10PM Eastern - has been renewed for a second season!

The details have yet to be hammered out (how many episodes, when filming and airing of these new episodes would begin, etc.) but expect a press release from SCI FI shortly. Here's the news from Sci-Fi Wire, SCI FI's official news service:

I'm looking forward to diving into all of this sci-fi goodness this weekend sometime. I just need to get through all of the stuff on Tivo. I plan to do both as soon as I can.

I'm off from work tomorrow! Yay! Sleep is lovely and I plan to do alot of it. But knowing me I'll probably be up early listening to Air America Radio online and their affiliate in Charleston.

And let's start those letter-writing campaigns, folks...

Look, I understand you love the ratings American Dad got. But it followed the FUCKING Super Bowl, for crying out loud! If FOX gives Arrested Development the axe after it's won five Emmys and Jason Bateman's won a Golden Globe and is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, I will flip my fucking lid. This is the BEST damn show on television and FOX needs to realize this...and fast!

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