Monday, July 26, 2004

DNC Night One

I'm watching Ron Reagan on MSNBC's "Convention After Hours". They just ran an interview he did with Michael Moore and now he's talking about "Fahrenheit 9/11" with Joe Scarborough. Joe actually appeared on "The Majority Report" earlier this evening. In other news, Michael Moore will be on O'Reilly tomorrow in a taped interview. He'll also be on Leno Thursday (I'm a Letterman fan, but TiVo is the goodness). Al Franken will be on Letterman August 2nd; Ron Reagan will be on Leno the same night.

Decisions, decisions...

Don't forget about the return of "Real Time with Bill Maher" this Friday at 11PM on HBO. We've gone far too long without Bill on the air. Set your TiVos/VCRs/8-tracks accordingly.

Man, was that a barnburner or what? Gore started off, strong and vibrant. Carter came out, guns a-blazin'. Hillary was eloquent and well-stated. Then, Bill Clinton came out and the place went crazy. What a terrific speech. Now there are a few things Clinton did that I didn't like (Federal Telecommunications Act, I'm looking at you!), but that was one of the best political speeches I've heard. He was decisive, focused, had clarity, and made damn sure you knew where the Democrats stood.

Here are the speeches, for your enjoyment:

Al Gore

Jimmy Carter

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Bill Clinton

Tomorrow's schedule includes Ron Reagan and Barack Obama, a guy I'm greatly interested in hearing. I can't wait for Reagan's speech on stem cell research. My great-grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's in her later years and he's doing a great service by bringing attention to this science and calling for more research and development on this technology.

And now for something apolitical...X-Entertainment has always been a great source for reviews of kitschy '80s remembrances, be it a movie review of the 1988 McDonald's commercial-as-movie Mac & Me or an attempt to bake a cake in an ALF-shaped mould, it's a great way to spend some time.

I'm headed for slumber and might be posting something before work...if I can get my ass up in a timely and coordinated fashion, that is. Nite all... Jason

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