Monday, July 26, 2004

Um...Is this thing on?


Well, let's let those guns start blazing.  The lonely liberal from Savannah, GA dips his toe into the alternately murky and exhilarating pool of blogging. Let's see if he cries like a little girl...le blog here will offer political commentary, movie reviews, daily experiences, why Wal-Mart as you can plainly see it won't be original at all. But it will be a blog, so there's one merit.

The girls are so PR-friendly, folks...

C'mon. Karl Rove in a Vera Wang. We all know it.

MSNBC's found its way onto my TiVo for the DNC. That and occasional stops over to Faux News. I'm anxious for Air America Radio's ( ) and The Daily Show's coverage. Franken's working as a correspondent on the DNC floor for Garofalo's "Majority Report" all week at 8PM. I wonder if he and O'Reilly will slow-dance sometime during the proceedings. Gotta hit the hay in a bit. Work in the A.M. and all...

And as for Joss Whedon's "Serenity", I wish I was at Comic-Con to see that panel on stage. Hopefully the footage they screened will make its way online ASAP.

I just read Max Barry's "Jennifer Government". Clooney and Soderbergh's Section Eight Pictures optioned it. Fantastic book.

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