Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"The universe was cocking its fuck-with-me gun."

Coffee. It's good stuff it is.

So work went swimmingly. Alot better than it's gone in the past. One of our assistant managers will be heading off to greener pastures at Barnes & Noble. As I am to movies, she is to books and we're all happy for her yet sad to see her go. She is a truly wonderful employee and will be greatly missed. Good luck, J!

Next month will mark four official years of service in the video rental/retail industry. A year and a half at Movie Gallery, and two and a half at my current employer. All the wonderful, amusing, bemusing stories of wit, wonder, and weirdness. I should write a book.

And now for my own bemusement, a poll...should I watch CQ, Cherish, The Dreamers, Lost In Translation, Love Object, Robert Altman's 3 Women, or The Cooler?

So it's Barack and Reagan, Kennedy and Heinz-Kerry tonight. Apparently Hannity was on Franken's show today. Have to listen to the archive at airamericaplace.com sometime soon. Speaking of everyone's favorite liberal radio network, they have a brand new spiffy web design on their site. Check it out, won't you, at airamericaradio.com (This PR pitch brought to you by an unpaid unabashed liberal radio whore.) Mike Malloy's show starts August 2nd, 10PM-1AM ET. He's a firebrand from what I hear.

Michael Moore will be screening "Fahrenheit 9/11" at the high school football stadium in Crawford, TX tomorrow at 9PM. Have fun everyone!

"Dead Like Me" Season 2 started Sunday night. Our digital cable is unavailable at the moment ($$$) so we'll have to settle up soon. The shows will be on Showtime On Demand until the end of November and I'm anxious to see what they've got planned this season. I truly wish Bryan Fuller ("Wonderfalls") would have stayed on as executive producer. After all he created the show! Hopefully the snarky tone will remain. And dammit, let's let George get laid! She's 18 (maybe 19 this season), working hard out there reaping the dead and all. She deserves it!

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