Tuesday, January 18, 2005

$240 worth of pudding...

Mike Malloy's kicking ass tonight on Air America Radio. And kudos to Senator Barbara Boxer of California for knocking Condi "Lap Dog" Rice to the canvas today. And congratulations to Air America as they added three new affiliates Monday - Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, OH, and Brattleboro, VT. They'll also add Detroit on Thursday at 6AM and Los Angeles on February 3rd. Keep on keeping on gang! Awesome! If we can't get AAR here in Savannah, I'm still enjoying listening to WLTQ-AM - "Progressive 730" out of Charleston during the day. I'd still like a local affiliate but I guess this'll have to do for the time being.

Remember for any and all things Air America, log onto their website at http://www.airamericaradio.com

I'm a bit miffed as this damn site crashed for a moment and I lost a semi-lengthy post. So this will be truncated at best.

Still on TiVo...

Veronica Mars and Desperate Housewives. About eleven episodes of each. They're both as good as you've heard and then some.

vh1's airing "I Love The 90s Part Deux" featuring the inimitable Michael Ian Black. The man's a genius and if you say a cross word, I'll lacerate you. Man. I will.

So I was perousing the "Coming Soon" DVD we play in-store at work sometimes. We got a new one in today you see. Interspersed throughout the movie promos were videos for Raven Symone, Good Charlotte, and Goo Goo Dolls. And then, I was amazed. For I saw the lovely and gorgeous countenance of one Kathleen Hanna as the video for Le Tigre's "TKO" unspooled before my very eyes. Joy! It was tre cool and not the drummer.

I need to play catch-up at the movies. The remake of John Carpenter's Assault On Precinct 13 opens tomorrow and I'll try my damnedest to fit it in among the litany of films I still need to see.

Movie rentals from work I procured and most likely will not watch for quite some time:

Maria Full Of Grace and Love Me If You Dare

I'll inform you of my progress.

We also finally received all seven seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer for rent at work. It's quite a beautiful sight, seeing all seven volumes of that excellent piece of filmed entertainment on one shelf. It goes along with the other great television series we have for rent, like Arrested Development - Season One, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, Firefly, and Carnivale, to name a few.

Head over to http://www.apple.com/trailers to see the teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four. I likey.

Congrats to Jason Bateman for his Golden Globe win as "Best Actor In A Television Series, Musical or Comedy" for Arrested Development. The same goes to Desperate Housewives as it won "Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy. I wish Bateman's show had won, but the winner is light years ahead of lameness like Will & Grace. I just wish Piven would have won for entourage. Now that's a great performance. "Let's talk it out, bitch." Excellent.

Tomorrow night at 9PM Eastern, FOX debuts a new supernatural show from Buffy The Vampire Slayer executive producer Marti Noxon. It's called Point Pleasant and is about a young girl who washes up on the shore of a seaside community and brings trouble to the town. Her father's the devil, it seems. Looks cool and I hope it is.


Well, I'm going to head for bed. Watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the vh1 special I spoke of earlier, maybe Boston Legal or an episode of Veronica Mars. Nite all.

Veronica Mars - Tuesdays at 9PM Eastern on UPN

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