Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Wed nes day...

Happy New Year to those that might come across le blog here. It's as much for me as it is for the hypothetical you. Consider this my form of therapy I guess. Would a sane sober person go out at 11:30PM last night to procure two packs of frozen White Castles to take care of his mother's hunger for said sliders as we live nowhere near a White Castle and she and I were browsing a fast food review website prior to our excursion? I think not.

Wow, the world's longest run-on sentence. I am awed.

So the world will return to normal for my workaday life as next week I resume my Mon-Thursday nine hour shifts. Yay!

The tsunami really makes you feel small and insignificant. For something so horrific to happen gives one pause. Next paycheck I plan to give something. It won't be HUGE but it's something. NBC Universal will be airing a relief special on all of its cable networks on Saturday, January 15th at 8PM Eastern. Please folks, I implore you whether it's $6 or $60, give a little.

Listening to The Majority Report right now. Mulling over whether to watch the litany of series on TiVo, the Battlestar Galactica miniseries I purchased at Best Buy Monday night (where yet again I was accosted by someone thinking I work there), or to just wait for the J.J. Abrams goodness that'll be unfolding from 8PM-11PM tonight on ABC - Lost and Alias. I'll admit that I drifted away from the series but the lavish press the new season has been given, plus cast assurance that the network has implicitly instructed that this new season be more stand-alone may help me dive right in.

Here'a a groovy little recently written piece on Air America Radio I just found:

Off to perouse the web for a bit.

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