Friday, January 14, 2005

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I don't care if it's $5 or $50, please give. I am. Consider how fortunate and lucky we are and just how badly others are suffering. Every little bit helps, people.


I'm currently listening to The Al Franken Show on Air America Radio and relaxing. You?

Morning Sedition

Air America's morning show Morning Sedition is astoundingly funny. It combines news and human interest stories with a dollop of subversive comedy which makes for a delicious blend of early morning bliss. The hosts are comedian Marc Maron, who's already made a name for himself with a wicked wit, a brilliantly neurotic sensibility, plus numerous appearances on Late Night With Conan O'Brien and Late Show With David Letterman and Mark Riley, a longtime New York radio stalwart.

They have several dead-on bits including "Palm Pilot" which is the official schedule of Washington politicos that a page, Ramon, brings in. "Marc's Dream Diary" in which Maron details the haunting, sometimes surreal dreams he has, all usually involving right-wing reactionaries lurking in his slumber. The best bit so far has been "Radio Halliburton" in which a right-wing caller calls in (actually a Morning Sedition staffer) and then we hear the sound of a radio dial scanning for a station. The show suddenly becomes "Right and Early" and Maron affects a gravelly, loud voice as Marc "The Shark" Maron. It is an amazingly accurate and always hilarious blast at right-wing radio by imitating them to the nth degree. And the show always ends with "The Liberal Agenda", faxed straight from the Streisand compound. It's a compilation that parodies the typical premises and ideas that people define as "liberal". Today's was:

1. Urge Congress to make "gay aphrodisiac" chemical weapon available for civilian use.
2. Send out mass e-mail with the subject heading, "Horny teens are hot for you..." and when they open it, it says, "because of global warming."
3. Prepare for Bush's inauguration. Re-stoke your disgust to pre-November 2 level.
4. For Martin Luther King day, criticize the Blue Man Group for not having any black members.
5. Today's phrase, just drop it into conversation, "You know where Prince Harry got that Nazi shirt? Cheney's closet, man. It looks like the wardrobe trailer for "Triumph of the Will" in there, man."

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I plan to catch up on my movie watching at the theatre. It's been terribly sad as of late. I'm way behind on my movie-going and that's never good for a movie geek like myself. Oh yeah, Kevin Spacey as been cast as Lex Luthor, Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane, and the excellent Hugh Laurie (from the excellent Bryan Singer-produced FOX series "House") has been cast as Perry White, editor of "The Daily Planet". Brandon Routh will be playing the Man of Steel in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. And I for one can't wait. Now if only FOX will sign Joss Whedon to write and direct X-Men 3.

I also need to watch the Battlestar Galactica miniseries DVD as the series itself debuts tonight on SCI FI. It's receiving rave reviews from the media. Check out for the scoop. I can't wait to immerse myself in it.

My foot is feeling better. Before I went to cash my paycheck earlier this morning, I took the insoles I had inside my shoes for a month or so. Support and cushion, my ass. The shoes felt looser and more comfortable without these things in them. I do need more padding in my shoes. Or else I'll just buy some new ones with my income tax money.

Green Day performed their epic song "Jesus of Suburbia" on Last Call With Carson Daly the other morning. It was magnificent. They're up for 7, count them, 7 Grammy nominations, including "Album Of The Year". If there is any justice in the world, they'll sweep the Grammys. The band is also performing, but lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong is keeping mum about it. I'm hoping that they'll do the politically-charged, vitriolic, anti-establishment song "Holiday", which is their next single. Maybe on a well-designed set as well? Only time will tell.

Want to watch your Social Security ebb and flow?

Overhauling Retirement Is Worth Risk, Cheney Says

To quote the genius David Cross, "Why don't we all just take that money [from Social Security], [go horse racing] and place it on Papa's Mustache?" Here, I'll speak a language you understand Cheney: go fuck yourself.

And while you and your ilk are at it, you want to have your fellow morons apologize to FDR's grandson?

FDR's Grandson Protests Soc. Security Ad

To quote Mike Malloy, "Have I told you how much I hate these people?"

Not One Damn Dime

On Thursday, don't buy a damn thing. It may not be as effective as congregating en masse in a major metropolitan city but it's going to make me feel good and others as well so there. As the Liar-In-Thief is coronated by his evil flying monkey yes men, don't let a single cent drop into their coffers. You can get that Starbucks Frappucino tomorrow. Damn, now I want one.

Nellie McKay

What I've heard of Nellie McKay (pronounced Mi-ki, as in mick-i) is an amazing virtuoso who blends '40s piano with a edgy, slightly profane sense of female empowerment and it makes for a heady buzz of musical heaven. She was a dream and a half on Air America Radio's The Majority Report the other night and I plan to purchase her 2-disc debut album on Columbia Records, Get Away From Me ASAP.

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