Friday, May 13, 2005

embrace the embers that burn so bright...

So today is Friday. I celebrated, I guess, by supping at Denny's earlier this afternoon. Their breakfast bowls are exquisite and oh so heavenly. The house is very quiet at the moment as my mother is napping.
I hope that I can turn in my SIRIUS and get a refund. I sincerely doubt it but we shall see. If not I'llt ry to sell it on eBay. I need to buy a new mattress and we also need to cut down on several items here at home so that our combined income is at least a bit larger than it currently rests at.
Head on over to Daily Kos to see just what these military base closings are looking like. Let's keep people complacent. Le sigh.
Billy Corgan has a new CD coming out June 21st on Warner Brothers Records. Entitled The Future Embrace, the 11-song disc will feature Robert Smith on backing vocals on the Bee Gees cover of "To Love Somebody". Personally my favorite Bee Gees song is "I Started A Joke". But I digress. Former drummer of The Smashing Pumpkins, Jimmy Chamberlin, plays on the track "DIA". The first single is "Walking Shade". And for the record, I loved Zwan.
I watched The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou last night. Very, very funny and yet another brilliant masterwork from the mind of Wes Anderson. It's themes dwell in the world of The Royal Tenenbaums but it's a much more subtle movie. Watch it immediately.
The 4400 is next on my list to watch after I view all of TiVo. I have the last 3 episodes of Veronica Mars's first season, an episode of Desperate Housewives, eyes, Battlestar Galactica, and the first five episodes of Revelations.
The Inside debuts on FOX on June 8th at 9PM. Buffy and Angel vet Tim Minear is the showrunner for this series and it co-stars Adam Baldwin from Firefly. I also anxiously await Prison Break about a young man who eagerly commits a crime to spring his brother from the very prison he designed.
Keep watching and for more details.
And this week is another anxiously awaited event for yours truly. The network upfronts! Each network brings out the shows they're picking up for next season. Head on over to and for details as they're the best sites for this stuff.
I'll be back after dinner with my choices for the network's fall pickups and this week's FRIDAY FEMME FATALE.

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