Friday, May 13, 2005

so here's the deal...

I really hope that ABC's buzzed-about dramas get picked up. I'd also like to see Invasion and The Night Stalker, 1/4 Life, Crumbs, Emily's Reasons Why Not, Laws of Chance, Lovelife (It's got Lucy Davis!), Neighbors, Pros & Cons, and Testing Bob picked up.
CBS has some interesting-sounding stuff on their hands. First, I want the Shawn Ryan/David Mamet pilot The Unit to get picked up. Amy Acker is beautiful and I've loved her as Fred and Ilyria on Angel. I really want to see her back on the small screen. The Commuters sounds interesting, as does Threshold.
NBC - Fathom, NY-70, My Name Is Earl, and Book of Daniel are the pilots I've got my fingers crossed for.
FOX - Wow, alot here! Bones, Briar and Graves, Deviant Behavior, Untitled Oakley and Weinstein Project (police station comedy using single and multi-camera premise), Reunion, for I love Chyler Leigh, Queen B (NBC unjustly cancelled Miss Match!) And I'm beginning to believe if they place the Aaron Spelling drama, Hitched (set in a 24/7 Las Vegas wedding chapel), after American Idol, it'd clean up. And let's pick up Arrested Development for that rumored advance two seasons, FOX. Please.
The WB - The Frog Network looks like it might be playing it docile this fall. We shall soon see. In any case, I'd like them to pick up Halley's Comet (Sean Maher from Firefly co-stars), Mermaid, Pepper Dennis (although, as E! states, if picked up this may get pushed back to mid-season due to Rebecca Romijn's X-Men 3 shooting schedule). All of their comedy pilots sound really bad. And I mean *REALLY* bad.
UPN - Long the home of Star Trek and not much else of note, United Paramount Network has slowly gained alot more credibility, from its freshmen series Kevin Hill and the critical darling and well-written Veronica Mars (which received an early pickup last month). The network also gained traction among female viewers, with America's Next Top Model pulling in decent numbers. Triangle, The Studio, and Wingwoman all sound interesting as does Talk Show Diaries.
We'll know what's coming this fall next week. Here's when each network announces their fall lineups at the upfronts next week:
May 16th
May 17th
The WB
May 18th
May 19th
I value intelligence and a quirky, dark sense of humor in a girl I fancy. She must be a person that is alive and witty in a sometimes frightening sense. To be able to tell a joke and not worry if it comes off as being outrageously absurd and breathtakingly profane. In the limelight today, there is only one female who embodies all of the above traits into one very beautiful and incredibly sexy package.
This week's...
black market wit's femme fatale is...

Sarah Silverman, born December 1970, is an actress, a stand-up comedian, and a writer. Silverman got her start writing and performing on Saturday Night Live. She then moved on to the HBO sketch comedy Mr. Show with Bob and David, where she was a featured performer.

Silverman appeared as a regular on TV programs; she has had a guest appearances such as on the two part time travel episode "Future's End" of Star Trek: Voyager and was a series regular on the TV Greg the Bunny (2002). She has also had bit parts in movies such as Say It Ain't So and Heartbreakers.

The movie version of her one woman show Jesus Is Magic premiered at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas in March 2005 and is scheduled to be released either later this year or early next year. She also has a show in development at Comedy Central which will begin filming this June.
Some musings from Sarah Silverman:
"I think I was about six when I saw my father's penis. I don't think it affected me because I was so young. And so drunk."

"If you take a shower with your boyfriend, I guarantee by the time you step out of that shower, your breasts will be sparkling clean."

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