Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Dark Knight has returned!...

I will be seeing this at 5:05 tomorrow afternoon and I CANNOT wait! THIS is the most anticipated movie of the summer for me and I will most definitely post a review ASAP. I even took the day off. I'll be working on Friday, a day usually off for me, to make up the hours.

Well even though I watched it before work this morning, Netflix is sending me A Dirty Shame, John Waters' new movie. I didn't know I'd get to watch it today. In any case, it's the original NC-17 version (we have the rated R version at work) and my mother hasn't seen it so I guess I'll let her watch it. And it'd be nice to actually sit down and watch it without work distractions.

The Machinist is winging its way towards me! Netflix sent it Monday so hopefully it'll be in the mail tomorrow. One can hope anyway.

TiVo has become a fall's harvest worth of television bounty. I really need to get around to watching it all.

Head on over to
Ain't It Cool News.

They have all the details on just how bad Fox is planning to ruin X-Men 3.

At MSN Movies, they have a link for Jim Jarmusch's upcoming Bill Murray film Broken Flowers. It looks suitably quirky and I look forward to seeing it.

The heat here is going to become depressingly opressive. It's simply disgusting! The high tomorrow is forecast to be 96 degrees! Air-conditioned movie theater, bucket of popcorn, and soda, here I come!

If you get IFC, then by all means be on the lookout for Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession. It's a fascinating look at an innovative pay cable network in L.A. in the late '70s-mid '80s. Check it out.

I think I'll also see Mr. & Mrs. Smith this weekend as I keep hearing stellar things, both from film critics and friends.

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