Friday, June 03, 2005

This week's Friday Femme Fatale....

This girl's awesome! Give her show a listen if ever you get the chance. It's like a mini-meal on the radio, a pick-me-up before breakfast. It's mandatory. Rachel Maddow is continuing to bring the fight to the crazy right-wing loons and for that she's aces in my book.


Rachel Maddow hosts Air America Radio's national morning drive news program, "The Rachel Maddow Show." Launched in April 2005, "The Rachel Maddow Show" airs weekdays 5AM-6AM (Eastern) on the Air America Radio network in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and many other markets, as well as nationally online and on XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Rachel has a Doctorate in Politics from Oxford University and a degree in Public Policy from Stanford. She was the first openly gay American to win a Rhodes Scholarship.

Her background is in commercial radio (WRSI, WRNX) and political activism. Rachel is a founding member of several HIV/AIDS activist groups, and is an expert on US prison conditions.

Prior to launching "The Rachel Maddow Show," Rachel co-hosted Air America's "Unfiltered" with Chuck D and Lizz Winstead.
Perhaps more importantly, Rachel knows how to make a "Pegu Club Cocktail," enjoys appearing on right-wing TV shows as the smiling-but-obstinate liberal, loves her parents, and thinks AMTRAK hot dogs are a national treasure.

She lives in Western Massachusetts and New York City, with her partner, artist Susan Mikula, and their loyal and well-behaved companion animal.
And as always, you can download all Air America Radio programming at

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Mary said...


I'm a huge Rachel fan. I have collected several photos from the web, but have never seen the one you have posted. If you don't mind sharing the info, where'd you find that one?
By the way, I live in Bloomingdale.
Small world, huh.