Saturday, July 30, 2005

The *NEW* U.S. "Serenity" trailer!!!...

The *NEW* Serenity Trailer!

Now, THAT is a trailer! In my opinion, this will resonate much more soundly with the uninitated masses and perhaps with Firefly reairing on SCI FI Fridays at 7PM Eastern (where this trailer debuted last night), the Browncoats will grow even larger. I can't wait to see this in theaters and I'm going to assume that this brilliant new trailer will first hit theater screens on August 12th, when Universal Pictures' Kate Hudson-starrer The Skeleton Key is released. If so, I'll be seeing that film.

Also, Universal has relaunched the official website. That's located at

I watched Eraserhead last night, falling in and out of slumber. It's just as well as the movie was truly bizarre and unique, although not as strange as I'd imagined, oddly enough. Another viewing may be in my future, perhaps.

I have to do a full store inventory with the manager and a co-worker, Andrew, tonight from 11PM to 5AM. Hopefully we'll have fun. We usually do. And then Denny's might be in the cards afterwards. Bring on those skillets!

It took me a while but I can safely say that Six Feet Under is worth its salt. I'm halfway through the first season and so far so good. It's witty, somber, funny, well-written, and has a layer of depth and character development that you don't see that often in the world of television.

Mmm...brunch. Sounds lovely. Think I'll have some in a moment.

SCI FI debuts Bloodsuckers tonight. Anything underneath their "SCI FI Pictures" banner that airs on Saturday nights is usually horrible, but I'm a sucker (no pun intended) for all things vampire, so I'll TiVo it.

Also, Bill Maher's I'm Swiss, his new hour-and-a-half HBO comedy special debuts at 10PM tonight.

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