Thursday, July 07, 2005

my thoughts and prayers to the UK...

I sincerely hope all of you across the pond are okay. Today's bombings are horribly tragic and devastating. As Kos of The Daily Kos said so eloquently, today we are all British.

black market wit's femme fatale of the week...


Marguerite's IMDb page

Marguerite at Wikipedia

She has been on my radar for several years now. I first noticed her in 2001's brilliant comedy Wet Hot American Summer. I then enjoyed her work in Queen Of The Damned and the SCI FI Channel original miniseries Firestarter Rekindled. She was also in Runaway Jury. Most recently she played the lead role in the romantic comedy Easy which I thoroughly enjoyed. Seek it out. I look forward to her work on FOX's Killer Instinct this fall, although its original title Deviant Behavior was much better. She's dyed her hair jet black for the role. I mention this for no reason...nope, it's not because I love black hair on a girl.

Marguerite Moreau is, in my eyes, the one actress in Hollywood who could believably be the girl next door. Check out her resume and her work. You won't be disappointed. She's a goddess and oh so talented. Hopefully The Gate will finally prove to be her breakthrough...that is if FOX doesn't sneeze after three weeks and cancel it.

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