Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the stars are bright...

Wow. Do not watch Cursed. And "UNRATED" means fuck all when describing DVDs, as we all know. I knew it had tons of production problems but a seventh grader could have made a better movie. Poor Christina Ricci for having to slog through that offal. Hopefully she was able to at least buy a Persian rug from that paycheck.

I will post a review of The Crow: Wicked Prayer this weekend. It was excellent, bringing a Native American spin on the franchise. It's loosely based on the Norman Partridge graphic novel of the same name. Edward Furlong did a damned good job in the title role and it's always a treat to see David Boreanaz on screen.

Look, if other blogs can be taken over with an obsessive madness for all things Harry Potter, then this one can be the same way for the Firefly movie, Serenity. Best Buy has a ported version of the UK DVD release of Season One of SCI FI's Battlestar Galactica. It's only available until September 20th when other retailers will get to sell a more extras-heavy version of Season One. But the Best Buy-exclusive release has a behind-the-scenes Serenity DVD bundled with it! Decisions, decisions...

A brand new Serenity trailer will debut during SCI FI's airing of Firefly this Friday beginning at 6PM. Said trailer will debut in theatres in August.

Are you ready for current? Al Gore's new human interest/news you can use channel geared towards the lucrative 18-35 demo launches on the corpse of the channel that formerly housed NewsWorld International. current launches in 20 million homes on August 1st.

TV Guide's going to revamp into something resembling Entertainment Weekly as of October 11th. Those blue-hairs who subscribe will surely drop it, thus ensuring this legend of the printed press will go belly-up before too long. It's a shame. But hell, what do I know? It could revitalize it.

NBC Universal is eyeing purchasing DreamWorks SKG. After they spun off their animation department, then Shrek 2 was oversold to shareholders, and now with The Island tanking in a huge way, it'll be interesting to see what happens.

Alright's fun story from work time! This guy calls up and prefaces his comments by saying how I probably won't care because I get paid hourly. I should have then followed up with, "And what am I eating for lunch, since you seem to know everything about me?"

So the man then tells me that there hasn't been that many good movies this year. I agree and tell him outside of Crash and Batman Begins, the year has been pretty uneventful. He then says that he recently had back surgery and he needs me to print out a list of our store inventory (!) so that he can check off what he wants to rent and then have his wife pick it up for him!

I explain quite cogently that this is not possible at all. He says, "No, no, it is! I'll tell you why! I've owned my own business for 15 years and you can do it! You want to know what that's called? It's called an 'inventory report'. Otherwise you'd have no accountability for your stuff!" I again explain that I cannot do this. So I listen to this guy yammer on for eons and then hand him off to the manager. She reiterates my claims and the guy went on and on. He even wanted her to fax him the titles of this week's new releases. She said, "I can tell you them."

People, use your brains! Jeez!

At the above address you'll find the international trailer for Serenity, plus several tracks from the film, composed by David Newman who is awesome. Those tunes sound shiny, to quote vernacular from the 'Verse and it'll be great to hear them in the film. Mr. Newman also composed the kick-ass score for Galaxy Quest.

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