Thursday, July 28, 2005

The official "Serenity" one-sheet!

Universal officially debuted the new poster on the Browncoats board at

Mega shiny, huh? I simply cannot wait for the new trailer tomorrow. Methinks I should rewatch the entire series again as I've not viewed it in quite some time. Nathan Fillion also posted at the official Browncoats board that a certain comic book store in Edmonton is "selling" the Serenity comics at a marked-up rate of $20 an issue! The guy there was beyond belief. Read the post. What an ass.

Tacos were dinner and they were delicious.

When I went to high school, between wishing John Lennon had never been shot (hardcore Beatles freak I was) and wanting to not be there, I enjoyed one thing. Although high school cafeteria food is not catered by Wolfgang Puck, one thing stood out. The oddly named chicken fryz. Now Burger King has stepped up to the plate and is offering the properly named chicken fries. They are delicious and I only hope BK's are as awesome as the ones I dined upon years ago. BK has launched a website to tie-in with their chicken fries ad campaign. It's at

I brought home the first season of Six Feet Under and Terry Gilliam's Brazil from work. I'll eventually watch them. Hopefully. Alright I'll try.

femme fatale of the week is over. Sorry. I may replace it with The Overlooked Gem, focusing on movies that may have slipped under the radar over the years.

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